Fisher-Price How Now Brown Cow Open Top Take Along Swing

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The Open Top Take Along Swing gives you all the features of a full-sized swing. But it’s portable and compact; with convenient side handles that let you carry it from room to room (even with baby in it). Or, just fold up and go to Grandma’s, on vacation, anywhere! It features five soothing speeds and an open- top design so you can take baby in and out easily. Five different speeds give baby a variety of comfort. Other features include non-slip feet to hold the swing securely and 3-point restraint. Plush pad is machine-washable.


Product Title: Fisher-Price How Now Brown Cow Open Top Take Along Swing

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price

Power Score: 2.1 | 9 Reviews

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Don't Waste Your Time

Awful swing i got this for my 5 week daughter and the sing doesnt even swing her jst clicks so i end up pushing it with my foot i;ve tried changing batteries and the whole prtable thing is a joke its light enough but way to bulky no music or even a mobile and no diffrent reclining postions

By Niki21 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Apr 3, 2012

very disappointed...

we purchased this swing for our baby girl, and were very disappointed in the quality. it looks great, and is super cute...however, it never worked! it swings for like 30 seconds, and then just clicks without moving. would not recommend.

By katlin on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Nov 7, 2011

Not so good

This swing is very attractive. I live on a farm so I love the How Now Brown Cow design. Besides the easy portablility, this is about the only thing it has going for it. I keep the swing at my parents house 1 1/2 hours away so that he has something there when we visit and I don't have so much to pack. My son has used it all together for 3 visits so far. Right from the start, it seemed to have one...
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By kelbel on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 7, 2011


Love the cute design and the open top. But as others have commented the swing doesn't swing. We have only had ours for 3 months and haven't used it that often! It statred out with 5 speeds. Now it only has one--SLOW. And my LO likes the faster speeds, so he'd no longer interested in this swing at all! Yes, we have changed the batteries (TWICE!) and checked the weight limit (25lbs.)

By roguemama on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Aug 23, 2011

just ok

found this swing ok for the price and purpose. Not as good as a full size swing (ofcourse), but good enough for a take along. Use it at friends houses when we visit. Recommend for occasional take along use, but not for daily regular swing.

By nm2010 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Apr 24, 2011

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