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Cradle your baby in this cute monkey bouncer chair with a fun-filled toy bar that will keep your little one entertained and gurgling. Capture baby s imagination and interest with the friendly animal faces, fun sounds and tunes, and activities. When your little explorer has had enough adventure, just remove the toy bar; turn on the calming vibrations and let the friendly animals cradle baby in the cushy bouncer seat.

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Product Title: Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Chair Monkey

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price

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Power Score: 4.7 | 7 Reviews

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So cute and entertaining

Since our theme was monkey's I had to have this! It is super soft and my son always looked comfortable in it! He enjoyed sitting in it and bouncing and playing with the toys and when he would get tired we would turn the vibration on to help lull him to sleep! We also loved that the cover was easy to take off for washing!

By shelley21 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Aug 6, 2013


This was prob my (& my baby's lol!) favorite activity! He used it up until he was rolling and pulling out of it. The ONLY thing, the vibration quit in us. Don't know y because we rarely used it; so not a big deal for us that it quit but just a warning to other parents out there.

By on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Jul 26, 2013

Great bouncer!

My son loves this! We started using it when he was a newborn, just for a place to sit him down. We didn't get batteries for it until he was even 2 months old so the vibrate feature wasn't a lifesaver to us in calming him down like some people told me. He kind of thinks its weird when we turn it on now. I bring this into the bathroom when I shower and put the toy part on to entertain him. He...
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By Matty on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Mar 3, 2013

Cute and Comfy!

My 8 week old loves this seat! He can sit comfortably in it which is so important at this age. He likes the lights and sounds and grabs at the toys. It has fun little rattles for him to kick. He sits in his seat in the kitchen while we are eating. We love it!

By Sammysmom on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Dec 19, 2012

Looks Great but does not work well

I recieved this product from my baby registry and have had to exchange it 3 times now because the toy bar did not work on any of them, the original one was purchased at a different store than exchanged. I am really bummed about this product because it is very cute but all the features need to work on the product in order for it to get a 5 star rating. Unfortunately, until we can get a bouncer...
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By Jenn21 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Aug 6, 2012

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