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Even when we're all grown up, being rocked feels nice, whether we're lounging on a pool float or swinging lazily in a hammock. So the idea of a velvety robotic chair that gently swings us up and down and side to side, and plays nature sounds? That sounds like some serious space-age relaxation! Unfortunately, only babies get to enjoy the 4Moms mamaRoo Plush chair - but what a chair it is! This fantastic seat for babies does what neither a bouncer nor a swing can do: it uses robotic technology to imitate the precise motions that parents use to soothe babies, and rock and bounce them to sleep. Since many babies won't calm down or doze off without motion, the mamaRoo Plush infant seat can save you many hours of rocking, or driving the car around the block.


Product Title: 4moms - 4moms mamaRoo Plush 2014

Manufacturer: 4moms

Lowest Price: $249.00 from Newegg.com

Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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Mamaroo the extra pair of hands you need.

This is the one piece of baby equipment you really need for the first 4 months. When you just need to sleep, swaddle the little one and put them in the Roo!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Feb 26, 2014

Best Product Ever

my son is 9 months old and still uses his. this was worth every penny. Especially when my son doesn't feel well this will rock him to sleep. AMAZING. and it takes up so little space. washing is a breeze if anything gets on it.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Nov 12, 2013

Amazing product

This swing is amazing. My newborn has been sitting in it since day 1 of being home. It is extremely soft and comfortable for him, a must have!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Sep 28, 2012

One word- AMAZING!

My baby girl LOVES her mamaRoo. Its been a life saver especially when she was very young and didn't want to be put down in her bassinet. The movement mimics my bouncing movement and I would put her in and she would sleep for hours! Every one that sees it says they want one. Even my dad- 60 years old- says he wishes they had this 30 years ago so it would have saved him from so many sleepless...
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By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Sep 27, 2012


This product is very user friendly. It has unique features that others do not have. I would recommend this product, even though my son is not too fond of it. He doesn't like to go side to side. He prefers to sway front to back. He likes the different motions just not the direction. Therefore, he does not like typical swings either. They do not calm him. Cons: 3 point harness. I feel that having a...
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By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Sep 26, 2012

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