Pacimals Honey the Hippo Silky - Pink

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Honey the HippoShe's a handmade toy of the softest plush available and filled with light and squeezable stuffing, perfect for little fingers.Product Features: Helps positions a newborn pacifier: Pacies Patented joint connets a silicone pacifier to a stuffed animal, making it easy for newborns and you infants to hold Developmentally appropriate:Learning to raise their arms and control thr pacie helps to boost baby motor skills Weaning Made Easier: The ring attached to the toy is a safe teething toy for the baby with devolving teeth and when your ready to stop using the pacifier altogether that ring can be removed without harming the toy so the stuffed toy remains as a source of comfort Snap the pacifier off the base into the dishwasher and toss the stuffed animal into the washing machine to keep them both sanitaryA real help in the car pacies are easy to position in the car seat reducing the hazard of reaching behind the driver seat to locate pacifiers and toys.


Product Title: Pacimals Honey the Hippo Silky - Pink

Manufacturer: Pacimals

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