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The Eden Convertible Bassinet, by Baby Planet, combines bold new styling with expanded features to go far beyond any other bassinet currently available. Its dual use as a toddler chair insures this product will go to good use for many years. This is well beyond the 3 months most bassinets are used. The striking new styling with clean lines and wood accents insures you will be on the cutting edge of nursery décor. The Eden also takes part in Baby Planet's industry leading Recycling Program. When it has outlived its life, Baby Planet will take it back and disassemble the bassinet, so the parts can go to recycling centers and stay out of land fills. Additionally, Eden comes packed with features ideally suited to you and your baby. The Easy Release hand grips have an internal trigger to release the bed from its latched position, on the base, allowing you to move it around the house. Re-attachment is easy by just dropping it to Auto-Latch in place. Soothing, peaceful music and dual speed vibration comes standard to ease your child off to dream land. Below the bed is an easily accessible storage basket to help you organize your baby's necessities. The sleeping area is not only soft and comfortable, but comes with a removable, machine washable liner for easy clean up. Once you see everything Eden has to offer, there really is no other choice.


Product Title: Baby Planet Convertible Bassinet - Eden

Manufacturer: Baby Planet

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