Reviews for Bob 'Revolution SE' Stroller New Black

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My 8 month old baby & I LOVE our 2011 BOB! It is such a smooth ride, we also have the Bugaboo Cameleon and prefer our BOB! It's easy to fold up, extra padded inside for baby's comfort, and glides beautifully! We got the PLUM color & it's gorgeous! Get the extra handle bar attachment for cup holders! Every mama needs a BOB Revolution!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Mar 30, 2011

Great Stroller!

My husband and I love this stroller. It's been our go to stroller. It's a smooth ride for me and the baby. I haven't tried jogging with it because the baby is too young, but walks are so enjoyable with this stroller. Definitely recommend.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Feb 24, 2012


I love this all in one stroller! It is easy to move in store when shopping and I love it when i workout with my stroller mom fitness classes. This will be the second BOB stroller I am buying this year. My parents saw it and loved it. They want to keep one at their house at the beach so we don't have to pack ours when we go visit. It has one of the largest seats on the market so we do not have to buy a new stroller in a couple of years when our son gets older. The only thing that I would suggest is getting cup holder!!!! It is not a big deal until you have a fresh cup of coffee and need to open a door or pick up something for the baby!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Feb 16, 2012

Love love love!!!

I love everything about this stroller. Its the perfect on the go stroller for a new mom on the go. Would totally recoment.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Dec 19, 2011

L O V E!

With my first child I was debating buying the Bob stroller. I decided to go with a "Jeep" brand jogging stroller for a quarter of the price. I was so unhappy with the stroller I was fed up and finally pulled the trigger on a Black BOB. It is the most amazing stroller (I am sure it is a comfortable ride for the kiddies too) The shocks make it a smooth ride, the front wheel pivot makes all the difference, it folds down for an easy fit into the car. The only negative I can think of; it's pretty "plain" meaning no cup holders, etc. You buy all these different accessories seperate.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Jul 3, 2011