Regal Lager Diaper Dekor Plus Refills - 2 Pack

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You love the convenience of your Diaper Dekor Plus. This life-saving diaper pail allows you to conveniently and discreetly hide away diapers until trash day. For Mother Earth, though, convenience can often be a problem - especially when it comes to refills for trash cans. Well, the eco-system and your conscience are in luck. Diaper Dekor's 2-pack Refill Box features new, innovative biodegradable refills that will lessen the load in landfills while keeping things clean and easy for parents. The refill boxes come with a convenient 2-pack so that you won't run out for a while and each bag holds up to 40 diapers. We also love that these durable refills are lightly powder-scented.

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Product Title: Regal Lager Diaper Dekor Plus Refills - 2 Pack

Manufacturer: Regal Lager

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