GDiapers Newborn Bundle, Newborn/Small, 1 ea

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Everything You Need to Get Started from Day One N - S: 6 14 lbs Includes Newborn gPants, Small gPants, Disposable Inserts 2 Inserts Have 3 Disposal Options: Flush, Compost , or Toss gDiapers Newborn Bundle is the perfect way to get started with gDiapers from day one. The Newborn Bundle includes newborn gPants, size small gPants, and Disposable Inserts that you can flush, compost or toss. gPants are reusable diaper covers that you use again and again. Swap out the insert when it s dirty and replace it with a new one. gPants are perfectly sized for a trim fit from newborn to toddler. gPants are made of highly technical fabrics that not only keep messes contained, but also are breathable, so diaper rash is kept at bay. A large selection of colorful gPants, cloth inserts, liners, and baby wipes also available, sold separately. We recommend the Disposable Inserts inside the newborn


Product Title: GDiapers Newborn Bundle, Newborn/Small, 1 ea

Manufacturer: GDiapers

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