Baby Vivo Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension - Prevent Diaper Blowouts


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Finally - a solution for diaper blowouts! Whether it's just a little leakage or an explosive, up-the-back to the neck "diaper blowout", it is a MESS! And getting the soiled clothes off your baby once the diaper blowout has occurred is a time consuming disaster. Now there is a solution! The Blowout Blocker (patent pending) creates a barrier between the diaper blowout mess and the baby's clothes, relieving parents from the stress of the dreaded blowout mess. With the security of the Blowout Blocker the mess is contained and easy to clean up! No more soaking or replacing soiled clothes, blankets, car seat covers, Daddy and Mommy's clothes or anything that the baby might be laying on at the time of the blowout. The Blocker is especially helpful when parents are away from the house, at special events, when baby is wearing special clothing or sitting in a car or baby seat, both perfect positions for diaper leakage. The Blowout Blocker is designed to work as an extension of your disposable or cloth diaper to protect against the diaper blowout mess. The Blocker is placed on the back of your baby with the waistband wrapped around the waistband of the existing diaper, below the waistline and around the hips. In this position it will catch any leakage that might escape out. Blowout Blockers have a smooth, 100% Polyester Mesh inner layer with a super absorbent soaker, and a soft water resistant PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) outer layer. The materials are soft, flexible and stretchy to fit your baby comfortably.

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Material: Mesh, Polyester, Synthetic

baby diapering: diapers


Product Title: Baby Vivo Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension - Prevent Diaper Blowouts

Manufacturer: Baby Vivo

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