ERGObaby Baby Carrier in Solid Camel


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Parenting advice comes in every flavor, from tried-and-true to completely absurd. We love reading the wacky advice parents got from old books and older relatives: the breastmilk of an angry woman causes colic (circa 1916)! DonGÇÖt feed your baby at night, or heGÇÖll become a Communist (circa 1962)! Blow cigar smoke into your babyGÇÖs ear to cure ear infections (according to someoneGÇÖs grandfather on the Internet)!* But when youGÇÖre done giggling over the silly stuff, you do need real advice: what does baby need? What equipment works best? And one very good recommendation youGÇÖll hear over and over and over from parents everywhere is: get an Ergobaby Carrier. The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is vastly popular because itGÇÖs exceptionally comfortable for both you and your baby.

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Material: Canvas, Cotton, Poplin


Product Title: ERGObaby Baby Carrier in Solid Camel

Manufacturer: ERGObaby

Lowest Price: $114.99 from Magic Beans

Power Score: 3.9 | 1 Review

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ERGObaby | Camel

The ERGObaby carrier is a baby backpack designed to be ergonomically comfortable for both the parent and the baby. Allowing the parents to carry their child hands free, the carrier disperses the babys weight between its thighs and hips, removing any compression to the spine that other designs do. For the parents, the ERGObaby carrier balances the infants weight on the shoulders and hips of the...
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By - Aug 18, 2009

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