Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Storage

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Okay, so frogs are a little slimy and sticky. That's fine with us - we still think they're great. Watching them develop from a tadpole into a proper frog is fascinating, and it's a wonderful experience to share with your kids, who will get a kick out of watching their tadpole friends grow teeny legs and eventually take their first little hops on dry land. And frogs eat all sorts of yucky bugs. What would you rather have, cute frogs or yucky bugs? It's no contest. The Frog Pod by Boon, Inc. is dedicated to the control of a different form of wildlife: bath toys. You know how it goes: first there's one, then ten, then fifty little toys floating around the tub, and then when it's over, you have to collect and clean them all, and where do you put them? And how do you keep them from getting moldy? It's easy with the Frog Pod! This big plastic froggy has a spacious scoop that lets you collect all the toys at once - kids will clamor to be permitted to do it themselves.

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baby bathing: bathtub, shampoo conditioner


Product Title: Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Storage

Manufacturer: Boon

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