Boon Baby - Boon Naked Bath Tub

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In a 1917 essay, H.L. Mencken described the first-ever American bathtub, made with mahogany, sealed with sheet lead, and weighing 1,750 pounds. The emergence of the bathtub created a scandal: On the one hand it was denounced as an epicurean and obnoxious toy from England, designed to corrupt the democratic simplicity of the Republic, and on the other hand it was attacked by the medical faculty as dangerous to health and a certain inviter of phthisic, rheumatic fevers, inflammation of the lungs and the whole category of zymotic diseases.* Of course, in modern times, we understand that cleanliness is important for good health, but we have far simpler and more practical ways to go about it. The Boon Naked Tub is a baby bathtub that weighs less than 10 pounds, and it's sturdy, comfortable, and safe for babies from birth through 18 months.

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Product Title: Boon Baby - Boon Naked Bath Tub

Manufacturer: Boon

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I love this tub. It's easy to clean, easy to store and my little one is very happy in it. Newborn infants do require that you cradle them in your arm, but any newborn needs their head supported, so I didn't find that to be an issue. I also can't even begin to comprehend how the tub can collapse. I am wondering if it wasn't opened all the way? Or perhaps there was some other problem. I do hope...
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By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Mar 1, 2014

Great Tub!

I love this tub! It has a hook and I can hang it on the back of the bathroom door. I know a previous reviewer stated that it would not stop from collapsing, but I haven't had a problem with that with a newborn. I like that it has the 2 positions too. Very easy to use and store.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Nov 16, 2013

Great buy

I love this bath tub! It's easy to move & my daughter stays comfortable as I wash her.

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Sep 28, 2013

My baby loves this!

I just received this yesterday so I cleaned it up and gave my little guy a bath! He was able to stretch out and just splash away! He loved it! I love it too because it is simple and not so tacky looking like all the other infant tubs. This collapses and even has a hanger to hang it up! If you are considering it, buy this tub!

By Anonymous on Nordstrom - Jun 13, 2012

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