Quadzilla Performance 06-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Quadzilla Scout II Monitoring System

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There is a limited supply of all Quadzilla products please call before ordering. The wait for the new Scout II is now over! Utilizing the latest enclosure and button designs borrowed from the very successful Pulse V2 we have created the ultimate stand alone gauge monitoring system! The new look and feel is deeper than just the surface; with faster processors and more memory we are able to monitor more parameters and have even more built in functions than ever before! Just like the original Scout this updated version is still modular allowing users to add an EGT kit or our Fuel Pressure Transducer kit at anytime with readily available plug and play kits. Built In Turbo Timer! One of the big steps for the Scout2 is the built in Turbo Timer. The Scout 2 comes with everything you need to use the Turbo Timer and no other hardware or wiring is required. You will be able to choose between an EGT based timer (EGT kit required) or a time based timer. This is something that NO OTHER stand alone gauge can offer. Smarty POD Control! Perhaps the biggest development for the Scout2 is the ability to control the Smarty POD programmers on-the-fly. Yes you read that right once you download your Smarty programmer into your vehicles ECU you will now be able to change levels using the Scout instead of plugging the bulky programmer back into the OBD2 port. To simplify this process we worked with beta testers and defined the software to control the Smarty in 10 simple power levels. Going a step further we also integrated our cold engine protection and allow you to set a Warm up mode for cold engine starts. This automatically turns the Smarty program to the nearest level to stock when you start your engine and automatically turns the power level back up once you reach your set operating temperature. This is a MUST HAVE for ALL Smarty owners! Complete Gauge and Diagnostics Capability While we pointed out the newest features that separate the Scout2 from all other gauge systems it is still important to note all the other features this amazing gauge has: Monitor up to 40+ parameters (see chart online for available parameters on each vehicle) User Defined Warnings Read and Erase DTC's Complete Regeneration Monitoring 0-60 Performance Tests ¼ Mile Performance Tests User defined Gauge set Calculate Corrected Speed for oversized tires Flip Screen Technology (see up to 8 user defined parameters by touching a single button) User Adjustable Backlight Simple Installation 06-07 Dodge Cummins Monitored Parameters: EGT* Boost Trans Temp Coolant Temp TPS% Rail Pressure RPM IAT Batt. Volts Load% Barometric Pressure MPH Correct MPH Fuel Level % Ambient Air Temp Fuel Pressure** Gear Converter Lock Trans Slip % Time Since DTC’s Cleared Runtime Since Startup Time with MIL ON Distance since DTC’s Cleared Distance with MIL ON Warm-ups since DTC’s Cleared * = requires purchase of the EGT kit *** = purchase of a fuel pressure kit is required * This product does not come with a device mount.

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Product Title: Quadzilla Performance 06-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Quadzilla Scout II Monitoring System

Manufacturer: Quadzilla Performance

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