BAK Industries 35309 Truck Bed Cover BakFlip HD

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BAK Industries 35309 Truck Bed Cover BakFlip HD BAKFLIP F1 TONNEAU COVERLighter and Stronger than AluminumSuperior low profile design offers a sleek, tailored look andsuperb customer low profile fit with full access to stakepocketsSecure, concealed locking featuresWorks with bed caps, bedrails, bed liners, and other accessoriesHigher density EPS core forsuperior strength, stability, and structural integrity Stays coolto the touch even in the most extreme heatSuperior performance inextreme weatherRefined and upgraded operating components forimproved performanceThe BAKFlip HD (Heavy Duty) Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Cover hasall of the great good looks and functionality of the BAKFlip G2(Generation 2) Model but in a Heavy Duty / OEM (Factory) Qualityversion as this cover's outer surfaces are ALL METAL like theBAKFlip G2! However, the core of the BAKFlip HD Tonneau Cover /Truck Bed Cover is 25% more dense, 1/8 thicker and is much morerigid then the G2. The BAKFlip HD opens, closes, and operatesidentically to the BAKFlip G2 Model, however the BAKFlip HD has thefollowing refinements Panels on HD are 5/8 thick vs 1/2 thickfor the G2 .The BAKFlip HD's textured flat aluminum surfaces on allpanels have two coats of epoxy primer that is baked on at 460degrees. This entire expoxy primer coating process is completedtwice (first coat applied, baked on and cooled, and then theprocess is repeated). Once the two coats of primer has set, anextraordinarily tough and scratch-resistant polyester based coatingis used as the final finishing coat (which gives the look of atough, baked on enamel, but is much higher quality). This coatingprocess ensures that the covers is both scratch and UV resistant.The 2 stage enamel process makes for a final finishing coat that ismore of a factory look. The BAKFlip HD handles approximately 25%more distributed weight when compared to the G2. The HD is muchmore rigid then the G2. Quality and Rigidity Standards Endorsed byOEM - The BAKFlip HD is an Original Equipment Part for one of theBig 3 Automakers 2 year warranty for the BAKFlip HD vs. 1 yearwarranty for the BAKFlip G2. Powder coated pivoting arms - (G2 haszinc plated) Integrated tie down points underneath and on top ofthe cover (D Rings placed at strategic points under the cover).Extra Set of Clamps (8 clamps) provided for added rigidity (4 oneach side). The G2 uses a total of 6 clamps. The BAKFlip HD has ahigher quality finished look when compared to the BAKFlip G2because of the 2 stage epoxy primer on the HD.Panels automatically latch to both sides of the truck bedRevolutionary living hinge system ensures waterresistanceDouble coat of epoxy primer and a tough polyester based coatingensures that the covers is both scratch and UV resistantAll Panels flip open in the same direction to reveal 100% ofthe bed if desired

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auto make and model: ford, ford f series


Product Title: BAK Industries 35309 Truck Bed Cover BakFlip HD

Manufacturer: BAK

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