K&N Aircharger for Escalade Tahoe 6.2L V8 63-3070

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K&N's AirCharger Off-Road & Racing Performance Kits , or simply AirCharger for short, are designed to be less restrictive compared to the stock air management system. Low restriction air filters provide quicker throttle response and more power throughout the RPM range. Additionally, it is important to note, if the stock air cleaner box has emission control devices and/or hoses attached, these parts MAY NOT be re-installed on a new AirCharger assembly.

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auto make and model: cadillac, cadillac escalade


Product Title: K&N Aircharger for Escalade Tahoe 6.2L V8 63-3070

Manufacturer: K&N

Lowest Price: $305.99 from Amazon.com

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