K&N 693530TS 69-3530TS Aluminum High-Flow Intake Systems


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K&N 693530TS 69-3530TS Aluminum High-Flow Intake Systems K&ampampN 693530TS TYPHOON FIESTA 1.6L L4 11K&ampampN 69-3530TS - K&ampampN Aluminum High-Flow IntakeSystems DetailsFordNot legal for street use in the following states AZ, CA,CT, DC, MA, ME, MA, NJ, NM, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, and WATyphoon and 77-Series Air Intake Systems were designed toprovide more horsepower and better acceleration for your vehicle.They replace factory air filters and intake housings, alleviatingintake restriction as they smooth and straighten airflow. Thehigh-flow design enables an engine to inhale a larger volume ofair than an OE filter assembly--more air means more usable powerthroughout the engine's RPM range. Though built for performance,presentation was not overlooked--choose between a polished or grayfinish.Each kit includesA washable/reusable high-flow filter elementA heat shield to isolate cooler air from engine heat(most applications)Intake tubingSome intake systems beginning with the prefixes 63-, 69-,77, &ampamp RK- are not legal for use in the State of Californiaand other States adopting CARB emission standards. Please check theindividual part number/application for the specific CARBstatus.Typhoon Air Intake System2008-12 Fiesta VI 1.6L L42011-13 Fiesta 1.6L L4Silver+3.76 HP IncreaseSee below for CARB information

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Product Title: K&N 693530TS 69-3530TS Aluminum High-Flow Intake Systems

Manufacturer: K&N

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