B&M 80776 Sport Shifter Automatic Shifter

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CASH REDEEMABLE GIFT CARD!! B&M 80776 Sport Shifter Automatic Shifter The B&ampampM Sport Shifter automatic shifter gives the drivera choice. Left in Drive, the vehicle is allowed to shift like anormal automatic, but the driver can also choose to take controland get results similar to a manual. By being able to shift quicklythrough the gears, the driver can maximize the engine's torquecurve, and improve the driving experience. This is not a ratchetshifter, and not intended for racing applications, but it makes anice addition to any street machine and makes daily drivingsomething to look forward to. It's cable operated for easyinstallation and precise shifting, uses a simple detent actionbetween First, Second, High, and Neutral, and it is sized 12.18long, 11.15 high, and 6.19 wide. The universal installation styleis useful for applications where the vehicle does not have afactory provided console.Automatic shifters (except cables) are backed by themanufacturer with a limited lifetime warrantyIncludes black plastic T-Handle, flat aluminum stick, and 5'long shifter cableFeatures backup light switch, neutral safety switch, andlighted gear indicatorDetent style shifting mechanism provides positive shifts usinga spring loaded tab for each gear, and it's cable operated forquick installation and accurate shiftingTake control of your automatic transmission and shift ityourself to maximize torque and performance, or put it in drive fornormal automatic operation

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auto make and model: buick, discontinued buick models


Product Title: B&M 80776 Sport Shifter Automatic Shifter

Manufacturer: B&M

Lowest Price: $164.24 from Amazon.com

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