EBC USR7091 Ultimax USR Sport rotor kit

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EBC USR7091 Ultimax USR Sport rotor kit (2pieces) (3.8L INCLUDING SUPERCHARGED) Built for the (97-03) PontiacGrand Prix... Stop-and-go traffic, emergency braking, andperformance driving all have an unfortunate effect on your brakingsystem - they cause heat. And heat is the biggest problem yourrotors face. EBC Ultimax Rotors are designed to deal with this heatproblem and offer you optimal braking performance.EBC Ultimax BrakeRotors are crafted to optimize their cooling power. The secret isthe utilization of wide grooves that draw air over the surface ofthe disc to lower their temperature. Another feature of the widegrooves is their ability to allow dirt, grime and dust to passthrough to the rotors edge. By moving the dirt out, your rotors arefree to wear even, last longer, and look great.Another way that EBCUltimax Rotors work to improve your breaking system is through theuse of precision dimples. This design helps breakdown brake gases.Plus the dimple design allows your rotors to maintain structuralintegrity, unlike crack-prone cross-drilled rotors. EBC also castsyour rotors from a unique blend of alloys to improve strength anddurability. To help smooth out your ride and prevent wobbling,these EBC Ultimax Rotors are pre-balanced and coated to fight offsurface rust.*ULT SPT ROTR KT2PC R PONT

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auto make and model: buick, discontinued buick models


Product Title: EBC USR7091 Ultimax USR Sport rotor kit

Manufacturer: EBC

Lowest Price: $115.28 from Autoplicity.com

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