EBC UD905 Ultimax Premium OE replacement Pad Set

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EBC UD905 Ultimax Premium OE replacement Pad Set Ultimax Brake PadsPremium OEM ReplacementFMSI ID D905If you simply need a quality OEM replacement pad,look no further than Ultimax. Made in the UK BristolEBC Brakes manufacturing plant Ultimax is abeautifully engineered brake compound that lasts well, producesminimal dust and is the perfect choice for the urban or dailydriver. Why spend more if all you need is a quality replacementpad.The Ultimax pad does include a small percentage of steel fibreto achieve its price point, far less content than our competitionwhere steel fibre content can attain 50% volume and this optimumfibre blend is what makes Ultimax both popular and unique amongstbrake blends .Once bedded in Ultimax will inspire confidence in anycar light truck or SUV no matter how you drive.Its universal heat range abilities and low rotor wear areadditional benefits of the Ultimax pad range which is theEBC worldwide number one selling brake with numbers ofsets sold running into tens of millions over the recent years.Unlike many of our performance grades Ultimax has remain unchangedas a pad compound for ten years now, a true testament to itssuccess and customer acceptance. Why change a winning formula.Black coded in the EBC range EBCUltimax is a fully ECE R 90 approved brake pad rangeand at its lower price point, less than HALF the priceof original parts yet TOTALLY EQUIVALENTby nature of its R 90 brake safety approval, Ultimax offers greatvalue for money and first class driving safety.

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auto make and model: infiniti, infiniti fx series


Product Title: EBC UD905 Ultimax Premium OE replacement Pad Set

Manufacturer: EBC

Lowest Price: $44.16 from Autoplicity.com

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