EBC UPR7209 Ultimax Plain rotor


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EBC UPR7209 Ultimax Plain rotor (One piece) Surely the best aftermarket rotors on sale anywhere, EBC offersOEM Quality replacement rotors made to the exact same spec asoriginal parts using G3000 Grey iron, precision machined, balancedand 100% ONE BY ONE runout inspected to guarantee zero rotordistortion out of the box. Over 80% of EBC Brake rotors sold in theUSA are BRITISH MADE .No other Company can offer this qualitycombination plus the EBC 10000/6 months mile unconditionalwarranty. Always fit new pads when replacing rotors.ebc ultimax plain rotor gold zinc sold individually made of thefinest grade steel with copper for increased thermal conductivityand wear properties precision machined to a surface tolerance ofless than .0001 mm an oe quality replacement brake disc with ebcs limited 6-month or 10 000-mile warrantyUltimax Brake RotorsPremium OEM ReplacementSingle RotorThe EBC OE replacement rotors orUPR (Ultimax Plain Rotor) series as we call them are adirect size for size replacement brake rotor made with quality greyiron as used by the OEM builders.These rotors are non slotted and are exact copies of theOEM designs . There are two types of rotors fitted totodays modern vehicles, the Solid and the Vented type brakerotor. Consumers often confuse vented rotors with drilled rotorsbut the fact is if your car is fitted with a vented rotor, you mustreplace it with the same vented rotor for it to fit and workcorrectly on your vehicle.The expression vented, merely refers to a rotor which has twoseparating braking faces separated by a Vaned core which servesto ventilate the rotor and improve cooling. Vented rotors arenormally used on higher performance brake rotor placements andalmost all modern cars feature vented rotors.Many cars still use rear brake rotors which are non vented butthe EBC fitment guide will automatically pre-selectfor you the right design.EBC OEM replacement rotors are theideal choice for general brake replacement for the daily or urbandriver who merely wants quality parts to undertake a brakeservice.Always replace brake pads when replacing rotors, it is falseeconomy to use worn or old pads on new rotors as these can causehot spots and promote brake fade and more than double bed in time.This is both dangerous and bad economics.

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auto make and model: acura, acura tsx


Product Title: EBC UPR7209 Ultimax Plain rotor

Manufacturer: EBC

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