EBC DP21005 Greenstuff Sport Upgrade Pad

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EBC DP21005 Greenstuff Sport Upgrade Pad Greenstuff 2000 Brake PadsSport Upgrade PadFMSI ID D630Since EBC Brakes launched its sport range in 1997EBC Greenstuff has sold well over 3 million sets ofperformance automotive brakes all over the world and has become thenumber one selling EBC sport pad.Appreciated by drivers of cars up to 200 BHP year2009 sees the launch of the 9th version of EBC 2000series Greenstuff which has once again pushed the performancebarriers of organic friction materials. The latest version ofGreenstuff is a deliberately softer compound to improve pedal feelon lighter cars at lower speeds. This resulted in a medium dustmaterial with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.Many drivers of lighters cars and kit cars have used Greenstuff2000 series with success in race use and tests at theUK MIRA Motor Vehicle Research Institutehave shown a version of Greenstuff to stop a car almost 20 feetquicker than original parts on a popular hot hatch braking from 60MPH offering a huge 15% brake improvement.Designed for premium street driving offering better brake effectup to 600C (1100F). EBC Greenstuff 2000 has a highinitial brake effect and gives drivers confidence from firstapplication of the brake pedal. There is no such thing as aNO DUST pad. The very nature of how abrake works requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotorvibration (shimmying). The EBC pad creates less dustand dust is more easily washed off than most. All pads create moredust as they are bedding in especially if rotors are worn. Nominalfriction coefficient 0.55. For heavier faster cars and vehiclesabove 200bhp we strongly recommend Redstuff which DOESoffer much less dust.

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auto make and model: discontinued toyota models, toyota


Product Title: EBC DP21005 Greenstuff Sport Upgrade Pad

Manufacturer: EBC

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