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Auto Part Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews



SOOTHSEEKER - (November 15, 2007) I did a lot of research before I selected these tires, including many owner comments. They sounded like just what I was looking for. An "A,A" rating, H speed rating and 520 on the 'wear meter'. The closest thing I could find locally was a Yokohama a notch or two down the food chain at more than $100 a piece plus $29 per tire mounting, balance and tax and state 'disposal fee. I got a set of four delivered to the door for $312 and paid Walmart less than $40 to mount, balance and 'stem me up'. These tires are attractive, quiet, grip the road and have a great wear rating. They are also "Made in the USA" despite the Japanese name. A word to the wise. Go directly to the merchant

4 Star Review Good Ride but so so handling


Impala96 - (December 24, 2007) We purchased this tire to replace the soon to be discontinued ZE-512, thinking that this will be a direct replacement with improvements, boy were we in for a surprise. The ZE-912 is a completely different animal than ZE-512. Where ZE-512 is focused on handling and grip, the ZE-912's forte is on ride and noise. In fact, these tire changed the characteristic of the car quite drastically. The ZE-912 rides much more supple and much quieter than ZE-512. But at the same time with the softer sidewall you give up the cornering capability and the less aggressive tread although means quieter ride also means much less precise handling. So if you want to go with performance ride stick with ZE-512, but i

4 Star Review Falken Ziex ZE-912 replaces ZE-512


jmk100 - (September 22, 2008) I read the review from Impala96 just before going down to have a set of Falken ZE-912's put on to replace a set of ZE-512's as he did. And for the same reason - I thought they were the as-good-as-or-better-than replacements for the 512 which I can no longer get here locally. The ZE-512's were indeed, a great handling tire but I had bought them off the internet and could not easily collect on the tire warranty when they wore bald at 30,000 vs their promised 60,000 miles. The problem I have with his review is his use of the word 'drastically' and 'much less precise handling'. One would guess he's driving an Impala and while it may be true that ride in his Impala is drastically changed,

Latest Reviews

4 Star Review Nice product

john_mark - (02/28/2014) Beautiful and durable bike..

5 Star Review pregunta antes de comprar

jrchg100 - (01/07/2014) este sistema de clutch si le queda al zusuqui Swift mod 86 de tres cilindros grasias si es asi cuanto me saldría a zacatecas mexcio c.p. 98607

5 Star Review RARE TIRE SIZE, I HAVE 2 OF THESE FOR SALE CELL 949-2543l79 $400 for the pair

JohnjasonChun729 - (11/01/2013) RARE TIRE SIZE, I HAVE 2 OF THESE FOR SALE CELL 949-2543l79 $400 for the pair

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