Yamaha Low and Mean Full Wrap Front Fender- Yamaha XV1900 Raider Models All - 04-202R

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The NEW LM Full Wrap front fender fits perfectly on the Star Raider. This fender is meaner than our last Full Wrap. With sharper edges and the aggressive front point for a better match to the Star Raider. Just as before this fender wraps longer and lower than our Reaper LM04200R. This fender is 4.5 longer in the front and 2.5 longer at the rear compared to the Reaper front fender. The Full Wrap does have the front lip design like on the Reaper front fender which was designed to deflect road debris and water from coming back at your nice bike. And the style well... its all about looking Low and Mean. This product is made from a hand laid fiber glass construction and comes with a semigloss black gelcoat finish which is ready to be sanded for primer and paint. The Kit comes with hardware and instructions. Color matching to the Star Raider factory color is available in Candy Red Tommy Blue 2009 Silver Raven black. Our custom paint finish will give full coverage all around the edges and extra color sanding and buffing. What you need to know:The fender does not have a finished surface there is a gelcoat finish that is meant to be sanded for primer and paint so it may come with a few minor surface scuffs.Can I run a larger tire with this fenderNo clearance is tight and we suggest not using a tire larger than stock.Is this fender strong like a steel fenderThis fender was designed to handle the stress of an aggressive rider and normal weather condition. Weve tested this fender in at extreme temps 120F with perfect results. Our composite products use only the best available materials. Durability is not an issue.Note: Approximate Installation Time 0.75 Hours


Product Title: Yamaha Low and Mean Full Wrap Front Fender- Yamaha XV1900 Raider Models All - 04-202R

Manufacturer: Yamaha

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