Metzeler Tires ME888 MU85-16 77H Rear Tire Motorcycle Parts

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Metzeler Tires ME888 MU85-16 77H Rear Tire - Ultra high mileage coupled with Metzeler performance and handling. Specifically designed for Custom Touring bikes. Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire's life. Outstanding high and low speed stability and smooth handling. Innovative belt structure with a single ply of steel cords wrapped around a radial carcass at 0 degrees. Patented high performance technology by Metzeler for both front and rear tires. Steel features a higher stiffness than textile and this allows the reduction of the tyre weight. Steel radial belt reduces the dynamic deformation of the tyre under centrifugal forces giving the tyre an excellent high-speed stability. Thanks to the more uniform heat distribution, mileage is increased and wear characteristics are more uniform. Basically, this is a really good, popular tire, get one.Note: Product may vary slightly from photo, this is a stock photo and may not represent the actual size being purchased.

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Product Title: Metzeler Tires ME888 MU85-16 77H Rear Tire Motorcycle Parts

Manufacturer: Metzeler

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