Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus OBD II Code Reader

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The CP9180 Auto Scanner Plus encompasses many features in an inexpensive scan tool. Compatible with 1996 and OBD II compliant vehicles and CAN compliant. It also features Displays and records live sensor data Bilingual Tool, English and Spanish menu options Displays freeze frame data- engine data at the time of the fault Large, back-lit screen Updateable via the internet OBD II code library built into tool Displays O2 monitor test State OBD II Check OBD II drive cycle mode vBattery powered for review of vehicle data off vehicle PC compatible with ability to print Vehicle information Includes CP9180 handset OBD II cable USB cable Soft Case Professional Companion CD Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus OBD II Code Reader.


Product Title: Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus OBD II Code Reader

Manufacturer: Actron

Power Score: 4.7 | 4 Reviews

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Strengths: User Friendly. Intuitive interface. Instructions could be better, but are enough to get you started using it. See comments.

Weakness: None noted as yet. See Comments.

Preface: Professional industrial machinery engineer. Cars are simple compared to what I work on all day. So maybe I'm not a "shadetree mechanic". I have no brand loyalty, nor am I getting a kickback of any sort for this review. I just needed a good scan tool, NOW. I wish this one had been available 10 years ago. My son is a professional, ASE certified auto mechanic, and this is better than his,...
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By JimFennell69 - Nov 19, 2009

Great unit!

Strengths: Great bang for the buck.. Free firmware upgrades via the net

Weakness: none

If you enjoy fixing your own vehicles and are thinking of buying a simple coder reader, you might want to pay an extra $60 - $80 more for a full blown scanner. I picked one up at Advance Auto parts on sale for $138.. If you really search, you can probably find one for a bit less. This is a back yard mechanic's dream. Not only does it read and clear trouble codes, but it provides real time data...
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By anonymous; - Nov 7, 2007

Excellent diagnostic tool!

Strengths: Pays for itself.

Weakness: Nothing!

The scanner is an excellent diagnostic tool for the advanced auto mechanic or just an auto enthusiast car owner. Works great, can clear any codes and pending codes, freeze data and print out your results. It's a big up-front cost, but save it with peace of mind if you have a few year old car with a nuisance check vehicle light. It also pays for itself very quickly depending how often you use it.

By esprod - Sep 11, 2007

Best OBD2 Scanner

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By - Mar 11, 2010

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