LEGRAND Electric Vehicle (EV) 16 Amp Level 2 Charging Station L2EVSE16

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Shop for Electrical at The Home Depot. If you have just bought an Electric Vehicle you will need an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger that is easy to use, simple to install and reliable. Legrand's Level 2 Charging Station is all this and a whole lot more. It provides homes and buildings with user-friendly plug-in charging solutions that are economical to own and dependable. Certified by ETL to all applicable UL standards, the Legrand Electric Vehicle Charging Station is able to power up your car for the energy efficient highway. It incorporates Pass & Seymour's GFCI protection, allowing you to charge in confidence. Legrand's Level 2 Charging Station is brought to you by a company that has been a recognized leader in developing innovative electrical products for over 100 years.


Product Title: LEGRAND Electric Vehicle (EV) 16 Amp Level 2 Charging Station L2EVSE16

Manufacturer: LEGRAND

Power Score: 4.0 | 11 Reviews

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Great product but could be better. Best price available.

Great product easy to install it has the best price that I could find, but it could be a little better. My 120V charger that came with my Volt has a built in light at the plug which was a grat idea. This feature is not available on my 240V Legrand charger and is missed. Another thing they should have available is a 240V plug-in version, which can be pluged into a common dryer type outlet to make...
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By Diceman on Home Depot - Oct 17, 2012

Does What is Promised!

Works fine as a L2 home charger for my 2011 LEAF at 16 amps. Unit is huge and HALLOW - this could be made the size of a large book, or lunch box vs the big empty plastic shell it is. As someone mentioned, the LEDs all stay on when unit is not in use - 1 would be plenty. Cord is heavy, but bright orange gives it good visibility. Very plain, but a good unit for the money. Durable/working so far!...
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By darthracing on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

Works great! Glad I bought this.

I bought this to charge my new 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV. I had been charging it with an extension cord connected to a regular wall outlet. This would take up to 22 hours for an empty to full charge. However, with the Legrand, I can now charge my car from empty to full in less than 6 hours. What a relief this has been for me in being able to maintain enough charge to keep me going with my busy work...
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By SirCaptain on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

Did not charge

Out of the box we paid to have it set up and wired, and it did not work.

By ross on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012

Legrand's Level 2 Charging Station - Returned

The Legrand charger worked but had several flaws and was returned as being defected. After charging the unit would lock-up and not operate until the power was removed from the unit and reset. Hence, after each charge the circuit breaker had to be turned off and back on before another charge cycle could be initiated. Another disturbing detail was the heavy tension applied to the car charge input...
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By LJGGT on Home Depot - Apr 23, 2012

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