Craftsman 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack Low Profile


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Lift heavy vehicles with the 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack. When it's time to crawl underneath your sports car, you need the Craftsman Low Profile Jack. This jack is specially designed for cars with a minimal ground clearance, so you can easily lift them without damaging the body. The jack sits at a starting height of 3-1/2 inches and will lift your car up to 14 inches off the ground, high enough so you can work on your car in comfort . The 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack holds up to 5,000 pounds and lifts easily with the pump handle. It can be difficult to perform routine maintenance on cars with low ground clearance, but this jack will give you more options. After lifting the vehicle, place support stands underneath to keep it secure while you tune it up. Once you're finished, turn the release valve to bring your car safely back down to the ground.

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Product Title: Craftsman 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack Low Profile

Manufacturer: Craftsman

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