PACBRAKE Pacbrake Superlube 4Oz Bottle

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Extend the life of your exhaust brake with PacBrakes Superlube, a multi-purpose, heat resistant, synthetic lubricant that penetrates and protects your exhaust brake. Using Superlube on your exhaust brake reduces friction and wear, helps prevent rust and corrosion and protects against binding or sticking. This high quality lubricant can also be used for household, hobby, fishing, marine, hunting and automotive applications. With the engine off, apply a sufficient amount (4-5 drops) to the highlighted locations shown on the above diagram. Once all the points have been lubricated, cycle the exhaust brake manually or electronically a few times to work the lubricant in. These steps will ensure that the Pacbrake continues to function properly.


Product Title: PACBRAKE Pacbrake Superlube 4Oz Bottle

Manufacturer: PACBRAKE

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