RobinAir 75700 CoolTech Coolant Exchanger


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Features and Benefits: Engine Off feature removes pulleys, belts and fan blades from the safety equation No additional ventilation required Vacuum mode creates a push/pull exchange process allowing the technician to safely remove high pressure in a hot system Hands-off transfer of used coolant to a bulk tank prevents spills and helps protect the technician Two clearly marked valves and an easy-to-read gauge make this machine very easy to useRobinairs CoolTech Coolant Exchanger has a 10 minute exchange process, which means no more waiting for the engine to warm up! Also comes with a one year warranty!  Sight glass clearly shows the amount of coolant in the waste tank.  One valve controls the flow of coolant, process is easy to understand-no special training needed.  No electricity required. 90PSI shop air drives the exchange process, as well as the 2 GPM pump on the waste tank.  Designed to Survive: Impact-resistant polypropylene cabinet will not scratch or dent vehicle.  Cabinet is impervious to chemicals commonly used in the shop. Large, inflatable tires carry a well-balanced platform easily across any shop floor.  Easy to maneuver between bays and vehicles.  Extra Design Features: Two external new coolant supply tanks allow on-board storage of two different coolant types.  Graduations on tanks show user the amount of new coolant on board.  On-board storage of step adapters.  Adapter kit included.  No hoses to cut.  96 hoses can be neatly stored on unit.


Product Title: RobinAir 75700 CoolTech Coolant Exchanger

Manufacturer: RobinAir

Lowest Price: $1,903.12 from Zoro

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