H&S Performance 08-09 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Diesel H&S Performance Black Maxx Race Tuner 250HP

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Warning! This high performance product is intended SOLELY for closed-course racing use and is not street legal in ANY state. This product cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your local state and federal laws before purchasing! This product MUST be run with race exhaust! Do not leave the DPF on the vehicle if running this product! Black Maxx Race Tuner W/Pyrometer Probe The Black Maxx race tuner is part of the next generation of diesel downloaders from H&S Performance that offer everything a diesel owner could want all in one high tech unit. Exclusive to H&S Performance the Black Maxx offers the flexibility of shift-on-the-fly tuning as well as giving you the ability to monitor vital engine statistics at a glance. The full color high resolution screen allows the user to view up to four parameters at one time. Choose from 20+ engine parameters including boost transmission temp intake temp fuel rail pressure exhaust gas temps plus many more (varies depending on application). The Black Maxx comes loaded with 4 power levels (Stock 60 160 and 275) that can be changed at any time on the fly and is sure to leave the competition in the dust. When you are ready to step up to the next level of performance step up to the Black Maxx ! Features - Allows use of racing exhaust with ALL factory sensors unplugged and removed from vehicle - Fast download times less than 10 minutes on average. - Precisely tune engine with HP increases of 0-275 RWHP (Stock 60hp 160hp 275hp) - All power levels are shiftable on the fly without stopping or shutting down the motor - Precisely tunes 5R110 transmission for firmer shifts and torque converter management - Automatic safety backdown based on: EGT Temp Coolant Temp Trans. Temp and Boost - Remove top speed limiter -Turn off EGR without removing any parts - Read/Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes - Internet updatable w/included SD Memory Card all updates are free to download - Digital gauges to monitor 20+ parameters inc. EGTs boost trans temp fuel pressure RPM load etc - Reads pre-turbo EGT's with no drilling/tapping or thermocoupler installation - Custom fueling and timing tunes available. Contact H&S for details - All tuning is done on a stock truck with air intake and exhaust only. Dyno Proven Results The next dyno graph below shows the difference between a STOCK 6.4L Powerstroke and one equipped with the Black Maxx on the HOT setting. - STOCK: 648 Ft-Lb Torque & 306 HP - HOT: 1287 Ft-Lb Torque & 582 HP!!! *** Aftermarket air intake system required for any tunes above the MILD (60hp) setting *** *** Trucks with suspension lift kits may require Traction Bars in order to improve Axle Wrap and Shift Quality *** *** Trucks with Aftermarket High Pressure Fuel Pumps will need custom tuning contact H&S for details *** 6.4L Black Maxx Installation Instructions

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Product Title: H&S Performance 08-09 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Diesel H&S Performance Black Maxx Race Tuner 250HP

Manufacturer: H&S Performance

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