DiabloSport T1010 Trinity Egt Module


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DiabloSport T1010 Trinity Egt Module EGT ModuleThe DiabloSport Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Module accuratelymeasures the exhaust gas temperature of any internal combustionengine. The DiabloSport EGT module is manufacturedspecifically to interface with the DiabloSport Trinity. Onceconnected and set up properly, the DiabloSport Trinity will be ableto display your vehicles EGT info right on the highresolution color touch screen in a digital gauge of your choice.Remember, you can customize your own gauge layout(s)/screen(s) sowhether you want to focus on just EGT or have theEGT gauge be a part of an entire gauge layout, theTrinity and EGT module kit are perfect for you!Keeping your eye on the road is always number 1 which is whyDiabloSport has introduced gauge alarms. Set a specific temperatureand corresponding LED lights to flash when youEGT has reached the temperature of your choice. Someinstallation may be required. DiabloSport recommends using acertified mechanic to perform the manifold tap.FeaturesAccurately measure your exhaust gas temperatureCompatable with any K-type Thermocouple (included withpurchase)Produce Size 2 x 2.875 x 1.125 (52mm x 75mm x 28mm) L x W xHAccuracy 5 Deg C (9 Deg F)Measurement Range 0-1023 Deg C (32-1873 Deg F)Analog Outputs Linear 0-5V (Driving Current 20mA)Operating Voltage 8V-18VPower Consumption 0.3 WattsOperating Temperature 0 85 Deg CSensor One K-Type ThermocoupleEnclosure Extruded Aluminum


Product Title: DiabloSport T1010 Trinity Egt Module

Manufacturer: DiabloSport

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