S&B Filters Cold Air Intake System 07.5-10 6.6L LMM Duramax


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Dry, Disposable Filter2007.5-10 6.6L LMM Duramax S&B Filters diesel performance intake kits are all about improving airflow to your truck's engine. The S&B 75-5019 flows 42.0% better then the OE Induction System while removing 99.81% of the airborne dirt at the Vehicle's Rated Flow. It's just a matter of superior design. Better airflow translates into a noticeable increase in power, acceleration and most importantly...bragging rights. S&B's intake kits are engineered to improve the airflow to your car's engine. It starts with years of research and development, as well as the most technically advanced testing. S&B tests to the ISO 5011 Air Filtration Standard in a climate – controlled lab when designing and testing our intake kits. This is the same technology used by Ford, Chrysler and General Motors to design the original induction system that comes on your vehicle. Airflow It all starts with airflow. The more air that your engine breathes, the more oxygen it receives. More oxygen results in a better combustion. Better combustion translates into more power and better fuel economy. This is why your vehicle runs better on cool mornings than on hot afternoons as cool air is denser and contains more oxygen. You can feed your engine more oxygen by reducing the restriction of the airflow. S&B Thorough Research & Development During our ISO 5011 testing, we first measure the restriction of the airflow through your vehicle's original induction system in order to establish a baseline. The goal of a Performance Intake Kit is to reduce the restriction of the airflow to your vehicle's engine. In layman's terms, we want to make it easier for the engine to breathe. By reducing the restriction of the airflow, your engine will have better throttle response and produce more horsepower and torque. Since your engine will not have to work as hard to produce the required amount of power – the result is better fuel economy.

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auto make and model: chevrolet, gmc


Product Title: S&B Filters Cold Air Intake System 07.5-10 6.6L LMM Duramax

Manufacturer: S&B Filters

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