PIAA Xtreme White Plus Light Bulbs 19616

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Bulbs, Xtreme White Plus, 9006, 51 Watts, Blue, Pair

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Vehicle Bulb Size: hb4/9006

auto make and model: lexus, lexus gs series

Color: White


Product Title: PIAA Xtreme White Plus Light Bulbs 19616

Manufacturer: PIAA

Power Score: 4.0 | 1 Review

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PIAA HB4-9006

Strengths: brilliant pure white light

Weakness: long-term reliability

I bought these lamps as replacements for my 98 Chevy pickup. The PIAA's light quality and output are excellent. They are a dramatic improvement over the yellowish OEM lamps. On the downside, I had one lamp go out after approximately 2 years of use so long-term reliability may be a problem.

By lml1 - Jan 15, 2008

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