EBC Hh Brake Pads - Rear

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Within one year of their launch in 2004, Double-H became the standard by which all brake pads for street bikes were judged because of their long lasting and powerful brake effect. Being made in the EBC U.S.A. Sintering plant and available for 95% of all makes and models Double-H are great value for money.These pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power, made from sintered copper alloy like original pads for longer life and perfect braking under all riding conditions, wet, dry, hot or cold. When required, unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted to reduce heat transfer into bikes hydraulics. The unique double segment vented design keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.Double-H pads claimed their name from the industry standard gauge for measuring friction levels on brake pads; they range from E, F, G through to H rating, each grade being a 20% step up in friction delivery.EBC Double-H claim the highest H title in two ways - they are H rated cold and H rated when hot. This means no brake fade; so, not only do EBC Double-H pads last well and brake well, they do not fade.Double-H sintered pads offer the maximum brake effect and a lifetime approximately double that of any organic pad.EBC Double-H pads are fitted with stainless steel, perforated radiator plates - where needed - which are helpful in reducing the heat transition into the caliper and hydraulics.Now ECE R90 Approved.Includes two brake pads,


Product Title: EBC Hh Brake Pads - Rear

Manufacturer: EBC

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