Girling Master Cylinder Repair Kit - 0.70 inch Bore

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Brake and clutch master cylinders should be rebuilt before they fail! Top racing teams rebuild master cylinders at least once each season for best reliability. These rebuild kits fit either the Girling Master Cylinder with Integral Reservoir (Part No. 3500-Size) or the Girling Remote Reservoir Master Cylinder (Part No. 3502-Size). The bore size is cast into the side of your master cylinder (5/8 may be shown as either 5/8 or 625; 3/4 may be shown as either 3/4 or .75). Includes:Dust Boot* Valve Seal Piston Seal Valve Shim Snap Ring Cap Gaskets* for integral reservoir caps Packet of rubber grease *The .87 size kit does not include a dust boot or a cap gasket. Note: These rebuild kits fit genuine Girling master cylinders only. They do not fit the lesser-quality clones sold eslewhere. Genuine Girling master cylinders have the name GIRLING cast into the side near the bore size. Instructions for Rebuilding Girling Master Cylinders


Product Title: Girling Master Cylinder Repair Kit - 0.70 inch Bore

Manufacturer: Girling

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