Yokohama 195/45R17 XL 85W BSW (195/45 R17) tires


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Description: – going to the limits, coming back for more. The innovative ‘Variable Angled Groove’ that optimises tread contact with the road provides dramatically enhanced traction while cornering.Yokohama’s ‘Groove-in-Groove’ design has resulted in a major advance in the battle to eliminate uneven tire wear because it allows the pattern block to effectively distribute stress loads, even during tight cornering. The new ‘High-Style’ tire is the perfect fit for cars that range from the compact to sporty roadsters. Available in this new range are ‘High-Inch’ narrow width tires that are ideal for slender wheel housings. Moreover, in tandem with the advances in car performance, and as a plus for enthusiasts who like to tune their vehicles, select tires in this new range are well-suited to speeds up to the iconic Y-range . Outstanding wet and dry handling.Directional tread pattern.

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tire type: passenger

tire size width: 195 width

tire size aspect ratio: 45 aspect ratio

tire size wheel diameter: 17"


Product Title: Yokohama 195/45R17 XL 85W BSW (195/45 R17) tires

Manufacturer: Yokohama

Lowest Price: $101.00 from Tire Rack

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