Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring - 225/55R16 95V 225-55-16

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Uniroyal's Tiger Paw Touring 225/55R16 95V Tire Offers All-Season Comfort and Touring Performance Drivers looking for a long-wearing way to make the most of their daily commute can rely on the Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring Tire to maximize performance while providing a comfortable ride. The tire has been designed to offer minivan and passenger car drivers the best of both worlds: you can expect high-performance handling and stability in all seasons and quiet comfort indicated by its touring-tire status. Features including large shoulder block treads, wide circumferential tread grooves and solid tread block stability provide both responsive handling and on-road safety. Benefits of the Uniroyal Tire abound thanks to enhances in tread block stability, large shoulder block treads and circumferential grooves. Drivers can expect even wear and long-term durability, exceptional handling year-round, efficient water evacuation for increased wet handling, and high-performance stability and handling. The Tiger Paw touring tire is your solution to comfort, safety and performance for the long haul, no matter where the road ahead takes you.

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tire size aspect ratio: 55 aspect ratio

tire size width: 225 width

tire size wheel diameter: 16"


Product Title: Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring - 225/55R16 95V 225-55-16

Manufacturer: Uniroyal

Lowest Price: $87.65 from TireBuyer.com

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