Michelin LTX M/S2 - P255/70R16 109T RWL - All Season Tire 255-70-16

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The Michelin LTX MS2 P255/70R16 Tire Treats You to Optimized Performance and Insane Handling If jaw-dropping performance and ridiculous durability got married, the Michelin P255/70R16 Tire would be their baby. Put these all-season tires on your SUV, crossover or light truck, and you will be buying an insurance policy for safety, handling, traction, durability, tread life and all-around good looks for years and miles to come. Join the discerning autophiles, become a Michelin LTX MS2 owner, and you'll be a customer for life. You paid for that handling and versatility when you bought your vehicle, make sure you enjoy it with tires that do the job and then some. Michelin P255/70R16 Tires do what you expect them to do and more. Tired of slipping and sliding down the Interstate? The Michelin P255/70R16 Tire will grip slick roads like nobody's business. Sick of spinning out in snow banks? Get the Michelin P255/70R16 Tire and plow on through. If you haven't driven on Michelin tires before don't feel bad, even seasoned drivers forget the importance of a safe, durable and reliable tire. But, now that you know, what are you gonna do about it? The single most critical decision you make after you've researched and selected the right vehicle-is your tire choice.

Quick Glance

tire type: truck & suv

tire size wheel diameter: 16"

tire size aspect ratio: 70 aspect ratio

tire size width: 255 width


Product Title: Michelin LTX M/S2 - P255/70R16 109T RWL - All Season Tire 255-70-16

Manufacturer: Michelin

Lowest Price: $173.00 from Sears.com

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