Michelin LTX M/S2 265/65R17 110T ORWL (265/65 R17) tires

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Choose this Michelin LTX MS2 Tire P265/65R17 to Optimize Your Vehicle's PerformanceIdeal for use on light trucks and SUVs, this Tire- P265/65R17 110T RWL delivers great traction for safe rides. It features deep, 3-D Active Sipes that channel water away from the tire so that your vehicle maintains a firm grip on wet and snow covered roads. Now you can enjoy greater control over your vehicle and safely turn around curves and change lanes.For an extensive treadlife, this Michelin LTX MS2 Tire P265/65R17 comprises a tread with blended silica compounds which increase its durability. It features the MaxTouch Construction that offers an optimized contact patch for a uniform distribution of acceleration and braking forces, which helps the tire evenly wear and last for long.

Quick Glance

tire type: truck & suv

tire size width: 265 width

tire size aspect ratio: 65 aspect ratio

tire size wheel diameter: 17"


Product Title: Michelin LTX M/S2 265/65R17 110T ORWL (265/65 R17) tires

Manufacturer: Michelin

Lowest Price: $211.00 from Sears.com

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