Michelin Defender - 205/70R15 96T BW - All Season Tire 205-70-15


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The Michelin Defender 205/70R15 96T tire is nothing short of a breakthrough. For drivers that prefer nothing but the best. Designed to deliver a fuel-efficient performance, the Defender 205/70R15 96T tire features an EnergySaver Construction with the Green X technology that results in lower rolling resistance. For increased traction on dry and wet surfaces, it features the Intellisipe Technology which maximizes the number of sipes to facilitate efficient water evacuation and enhances the tire's grip on wet roads. Experience increased stability on the road as the interlocking action of the sipes stiffens the tread block and lets you change lanes or turn around corners with ease. The Michelin Defender Tire 205/70R15 96T features the MaxTouch Construction that uses a uniquely designed contact patch to evenly distribute the forces of acceleration and braking, which results in even wear down of the tire making it durable.

Quick Glance

tire size width: 205 width

tire size wheel diameter: 15"

tire size aspect ratio: 70 aspect ratio


Product Title: Michelin Defender - 205/70R15 96T BW - All Season Tire 205-70-15

Manufacturer: Michelin

Lowest Price: $118.00 from Sears.com

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