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Our leading tire for SUVs and Crossovers features impressive on-road handling and comfort, plus long tread life and outstanding fuel efficiency.Michelin Latitude Tour Tires P235/55R18 99T BW B (4 Ply) 2355518 21780

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tire size wheel diameter: 18"

tire size aspect ratio: 55 aspect ratio

tire size width: 235 width


Product Title: Michelin 235-55-18

Manufacturer: Michelin

Lowest Price: $202.00 from Tire Rack

Power Score: 3.2 | 3 Reviews

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Awesomw wear

Strengths: Handling and wear

Weakness: None

I have had hese tires on my Chevrolet Equnox since new. I now have driven over 100,000 kms and they still are only a bit more than half worn. Cant wear them out it seems. i will definitely replace with the same tire

By anonymous; - Mar 28, 2013

Cracking between tread and sidewall

Just took our 2010 Chevy Equinox (57k miles) to the dealer to show them all 4 of our tires were cracking between the tread and the sidewall. The service manager agreed they looked like re-treaded tires. Michelin agreed to replace 2 of the tires if we bought the other two.

By anonymous; - Jan 16, 2013

Michelin Latitude Tour P235/55R18M&S

Strengths: None in 9 months the tires worn down 5/32 on paved roads

Weakness: My 2011 Terrain hidroplaned in a light rain in the summer. No control over front end skids in snow this is an all wheel drive and at low speeds of less than 20 kw an hour

After taking the vehicle back to the dealership with no results and Michelin Tire company taking no resposiblity, as well as General Motors customer service in Ontario I replace the tires at my own expense. Need less to say there will be no more michelin tires in my lifetime on any vehicle that I own.

By anonymous; - Oct 10, 2012

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