Reviews for Hankook Ventus V2 Concept Tire 18555R16 83H BW 185-55-16

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Honda Fit Sport 2009 Replacement Tires @28,000 Miles

Strengths: I ordered these tires on-line from in Portland,Ore...I have no qualms about ordering online..paid with paypal..trying to find tires for this car is like pulling eye teeth..

Weakness: Just installed these tires today..8-1..will update later

The shipment..ordered 7-28 pm..arrived at my door 8-1 am..Fantastic! The tires replaced OEM Dunlopjust TRY to find 4 tires for your FIT..None in the State of Georgia! Some dealers have 1 or 2..Nonehave 4..Honda dealer installed and balanced for $60..Have to haggle!! Refuse to pay MORE than average in your area! These are good looking tires..ride QUIET..Headed to Fla. in a couple weeks..will cover 1,000 miles and will update later..Yes, I know these tires are made in Korea..BUT..when the local Mfgs will NOT keep their tires available..what are you suppose to do?Buy through a Honda dealer and pay through the nose? I pass! I believe these tires will get me 50,000 miles with NO problem and the price with shipping saved me $150 over the local prices! Good Luck On your purchase..Mac

By macfleetwood - Aug 2, 2011