Hankook Ventus ST RH06 - 275/55R20XL 117V BW - All Season Tire 275-55-20

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The Hankook 275/55R20 Tire Optimizes Luxury SUV Performance. If you drive a luxury SUV, the Hankook Ventus ST 275/55R20 tire is your tire. Made specifically for high-level SUVs, the all-season tire series provide sports performance at high speeds (the tire is rated V for up to 149 mph). The controlled footprint shape keeps the tire glued to the road while its design delivers sensitive handling in a wide variety of driving weather. The Hankook 275/55R20 tire has a 275-millimeter cross-section, a 55 percent sidewall height to cross-section ratio and a 20-inch wheel diameter. The durable tires have a treadlife of 50,000 miles and a treadwear grade of 420; you won't have to replace these high-performing tires any time soon. With a load index of 117, this tire can carry the weight of any adventure you want to go on. The high traction and temperature grades (A) mean it can deal with whatever conditions you come across.

Quick Glance

tire size width: 275 width

tire type: passenger

tire size wheel diameter: 20"

tire size aspect ratio: 55 aspect ratio


Product Title: Hankook Ventus ST RH06 - 275/55R20XL 117V BW - All Season Tire 275-55-20

Manufacturer: Hankook

Lowest Price: $169.00 from Sears.com

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