Goodyear Integrity Tire

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tire type: passenger


Product Title: Goodyear Integrity Tire

Manufacturer: Goodyear

Power Score: 2.7 | 3 Reviews

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Bad tires

Strengths: unknown

Weakness: terrible wear

I lease a 2008 Chevy Impala with 24,700 miles on it and with 4 factory Goodyear Integrity tires. All 4 tires are wearing badly both on the outside tread and the inside tread. I have rotated the tires every other oil change, I have had a 4 wheel alignment, and the air pressure has always been kept at GM specs. The new car dealer told me when I turn my lease in in a year "they" don't consider the...
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By anonymous; - Apr 22, 2010

Quite Ride with Integrity Tire

Strengths: Long wearing

Weakness: Cost

When I got a flat tire on a road trip, I purchased an Integrity Tire. I have since replaced all my tires with Integrity, which is what my Ford Dealer says is the right tires for my Mercury Grand Marquis.

By mamfoun - Nov 7, 2008

Goodyear Integrity Tire - good tire, but a bit pricey

Strengths: Goodyear name, long wearing, good handling, low noise

Weakness: price

I recently got a flat and had to replace 1 tire on my vehicle. The Goodyear Integrity was the OEM tire, and I had no reason to replace all the tires, as I have been satisfied with their performance. My current tires have about 20K miles on them, and show very little wear. I fully expect to get at least 50K of the 60K warranty. Beyond that, we'll see how well they hold up. I live in Michigan. We...
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By rmwitt03 - Dec 9, 2007

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