General Tire Tire Altimax RT - 235/70R15 103T OWL 235-70-15

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Gear up for your next road trip with the General Tire 235/70R15 Tire Designed for today's passenger cars and minivans, the General Tire Altimax RT 235/70R15 Tire is a true benchmark for touring tires. When you're hitting the open road, this touring tire provides the perfect balance of comfort and performance. Long car trips can be a noisy affair, with restless children in the back and the inevitable arguments that ensue. Why add to that commotion? This tire features sound wave suppression technology that works to reduce unwanted road noise and give you a more peaceful drive. Finally, you'll get the road trip you deserve. With a 70,000 mile treadlife and Visual Alignment Indicators that extend the life of the tire, the General Tire 235/70R15 Tire is built to put the miles on. Life on the road can be stressful. You never know what driving conditions you'll face on your journey or what kind of wear your tires will receive. The tire's high and low density tread pattern delivers extraordinary ride comfort. The General Tire Altimax RT is shaped with a smart contour that reacts to different road conditions, maintains even contact with road surfaces and keeps your vehicle operating at its best.

Quick Glance

tire size aspect ratio: 70 aspect ratio

tire size width: 235 width

tire type: passenger

tire size wheel diameter: 15"


Product Title: General Tire Tire Altimax RT - 235/70R15 103T OWL 235-70-15

Manufacturer: General Tire

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