Firestone Winterforce UV - 225/70R15 100S BSW - Winter Tire 225-70-15


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Handle Any Weather with the Firestone 225/70R15 Tire Winter weather often comes with adverse driving conditions and the Firestone Winterforce UV 225/70R15 Tire can all the challenges Old Man Winter can unleash. The unique 'siped and studable' tire has been custom-engineered to deliver reliable performance all season long thanks to special rubber compounds created to improve handling, braking and traction in all cold-weather driving conditions. Additionally, the Winterforce tires feature a distinctive directional, computer-modeled tread design to help all winter-time drivers confidently conquer snow, ice and wet road surfaces. Arrive safely, regardless of weather, when you choose Winterforce tires for your car this season. The Firestone 225/70R15 Tire has garnered industry accolades for its performance, including recognition from the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC). Each group has recognized the Winterforce tire for meeting their stringent snow service requirements. Additionally, the tires feature high-sipe density and boast three-dimensional tread patterns for confident control and traction in snow, ice and even mud. You'll find the Firestone Winterforce UV is designed to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride to get you to your destination -- regardless of the weather conditions.

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tire size width: 225 width

tire size wheel diameter: 15"

tire size aspect ratio: 70 aspect ratio


Product Title: Firestone Winterforce UV - 225/70R15 100S BSW - Winter Tire 225-70-15

Manufacturer: Firestone

Lowest Price: $78.00 from Tire Rack

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