Fire Stone Precision Touring Tires P195/60R15 87T BW 140582


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Great wet traction and a quiet, comfortable ride makes the Precision Touring a standout in the Firestone line. With its all-season tread pattern and attractive price, this is a tire that is designed to get your attention.Firestone Precision Touring Tires P195/60R15 87T BW XL 1956015 140582

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tire size width: 195 width

tire size wheel diameter: 15"

tire size aspect ratio: 60 aspect ratio


Product Title: Fire Stone Precision Touring Tires P195/60R15 87T BW 140582

Manufacturer: Fire Stone

Lowest Price: $67.00 from Tire Rack

Power Score: 4.7 | 95 Reviews

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from Bridgestone to Firestone

what a huge difference! of course they are brand new tires, but still! and the price, we live in a small town, that is monopolized buy the same owner of 4 service stations, couldn't find this sze tire, except from Walmart, any where in town! thanks for a nice smooth ride on our 2008 town and country! gonna buy 2 more to finish the tire buying experience off! oh and customer service, FANTASTIC!

By on - Mar 4, 2015

Very good all round tire

Living in Ohio this winter and driving g to work in rural area has put these tires to the test and they have lived up to my expectations.For all wheel driving in some of the worst weather they have worked very well.

By on - Feb 25, 2015

Great tire, so far great experience

I purchased these tires about a month ago, and just drove them through a couple of inches of snow. They handled fairly well, and seemed to hold traction. In dry conditions, they are very quiet, do well at absorbing shock, and are providing a stable ride. I am pleased with my purchase, and would not hesitate purchasing these again.

By on - Feb 2, 2015

Doing well in a snowy winter...

I purchased these tires, since my old ones were clearly not going to last me through the rest of the Northeast Ohio weather. So far, they have handled well in both moderate snow and ice, and I have not had any traction issues. Handling through rain and water seems to be good too. I didn't realize how noisy my old ones were, until I experienced how quiet these are.

By on - Jan 15, 2015

Great quality tire.

Put a full set of these on my 1997 Lincoln Town Car and wow what a difference they made. They replaced a set of Bridgestone Insignias which aren't a bad tire, but these Firestone Precision Tourings are just flat out better. The biggest difference is in the ride quality. I didn't think my town car could ride any better but these do just that. Outstanding tire.

By on - Jan 5, 2015

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