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Liked the tire until it snowed

Strengths: Bought them in the early fall and was pleased with them.

Weakness: Then it snowed. I am 57 years old and have lived exclusively in Michigan and Colorado. I have driven over a million miles in my work career. These are the WORST tires in the snow that I have ever had.

If you live somewhere where it doesn't snow---these are good tires. If you live where it snows--you would be advised to look elsewhere.

By jimbo2012 - Jan 17, 2012

ZE 912 vs Michelin HX MXM4

Strengths: Quite and smooth ride, reasonable priced.

Weakness: Weak sidewall, very high rolling resistance.

My Michelin 215/50R17 tires had 50,000 miles. I could have gotten another 5000 except for the state inspection rules. I shopped around and settled on the Falken ZE 912 same size. I have had them on for a month now and here is what I have concluded.
Overall, they are quiter and smoother than the Michelin I replaced. On my initial review, I thought they were reasonable priced compared to Michelin. However, after a month of driving and measuring my MPH, I found I lost about 6MPG. Then if you calculate this over the life of the tire, it would have been about $500 cheaper to pay the $253 for replacement Michelin's. As for sidewall issues, my car is a sedan so I don't normally drive very aggressive. I would not put these tires on a vette, or any like vehicle. But on mine, they work fine.

By anonymous; - Sep 24, 2010

Falkien Ziex ZE-912 tire

Strengths: super quiet great handeling

Weakness: too early to tell

Just replaced my noisy worn out Herculese tires on my 2006 VW Jetta TDI With Falken Ziex ZE-912 Purchased from Tires Plus.. Wow what a difference these are the quitest tires I have ever had . The car handles entirely different realy great . too early to tell anything else Ill update after I get a few thousand miles on them

By mrmakeadeal - Sep 24, 2012

Not a lasting tire!!!!

Strengths: Good wet weather traction and handling. Decent performance, though not as good as the Bridgestone Potenzas they replaced. They do provide a slightly better ride the the Potenzas.

Weakness: Poor tread life.

I purchased a set of 4 for my Corolla S. Loved them and still do, except that with barely 15000 miles on them the wear bar indicators are almost showing. This vehicle weighs less than 2800 pounds so these tires should last close to there 60000 mile tread life warranty.

By Undycided2010 - Nov 27, 2010

Very good so far

Strengths: good price for what you get nice looking tread good combo of performance and comfort

Weakness: lower end tread life it is said(cant say myself have not had them long enough)

I just had a full set of these ZE-912s mounted on my 2000 Honda Accord SE today.I have stock wheels and nothing modified on my car besides having a drop in K&N air filter. After the shop was done I took a drive around some local roads I live in Florida so roads are pretty much flat but you can find some good twisty roads in the rural area I live in. I could feel a notable improvement as soon as I started driving.The Accord had had the stock Michelin all seasons on it before hand.The weather was pretty foul and rainy but I could still feel very good grip with the 912s.I felt no loss in grip going around any sharp turns even tough the roads where soaked and that I was well exceeding the posted speeds of course I know these roads like the back of my hand but Id not have driven the car the same way with confidence with the old Michelin rubbers.I was very surprised at the improvement in acceleration the 912s have given my car also braking is very good in wet conditions .These 912s allow my Accord to transfer its power to the road very well I was easily able to get to 120 MPH which with the old Michelin tires would have taken much longer.I know that is a little risky in rainy conditions but I have a lot of driving experience I was stationed in Germany for 3 years with the USAF and spent a lot of time driving at high speeds on the autobahn in an '87 M3 that got for dirt cheap and on what I enjoy much more twisty hill and mountain roads.Another area I was very impressed with was the rolling road noise level the 912s are very quiet in fact if you get a set Id advise you to keep an eye on your speedometer as you will likely be driving at a higher rate of speed than you realize.Hopefully the weather will clear up so I can test out my 912s on a nice sunny day.I will try to report back in a few weeks after I have broken the 912s in a little bit thus far I am very pleased.Id just like to add: always keep in mind that there are many different types of tires and that they all give a different feel for the road make sure that you do your research and buy the tire that satisfies your needs.

By hondakind - Nov 25, 2009

Great Tire

Strengths: Quiet & Great Handling in Dry and Wet Weather

Weakness: none

I got these tire back in May 2008 and I'm nothing but happy with them. I got them at a great price and they have preformed as promised. I have them on my AWD 2001 Audi S4 ( ) and went with a 235/45/17 vs the stock 225/45/17 which I think helps with the handling. I've yet to take them in the snow yet but I look forward to it.

By nappent - Oct 8, 2008

Good Ride but so so handling

Strengths: Comfortable and Quiet Ride

Weakness: Imprecise handling and so so cornering capability

We purchased this tire to replace the soon to be discontinued ZE-512, thinking that this will be a direct replacement with improvements, boy were we in for a surprise. The ZE-912 is a completely different animal than ZE-512. Where ZE-512 is focused on handling and grip, the ZE-912's forte is on ride and noise. In fact, these tire changed the characteristic of the car quite drastically. The ZE-912 rides much more supple and much quieter than ZE-512. But at the same time with the softer sidewall you give up the cornering capability and the less aggressive tread although means quieter ride also means much less precise handling. So if you want to go with performance ride stick with ZE-512, but if you want the comfortable ride go with ZE-912.

By Impala96 - Dec 24, 2007

Great Tire for price looks and ride - terrible for longivity

Strengths: Looks great ,priced right, balances well

Weakness: Only lasts an average of 8000 to 12000 miles

I'm a tire dealer and I don't sell these tires anymore because no matter what use they are in they just don't deliver in the mileage dept. I'm tired of doing warranty replacments on these tires

By anonymous; - Feb 4, 2010

Do Not Last!

Strengths: Cheap

Weakness: Wear too quickly; Like to Hyrdoplane in rain; No traction in snow

I bought a set of four new tires and had them for about a year and a half. Put roughly 39,000 miles on them and they are pretty much wore out. I think the tread depth was measured between 2.1 and 2.9. I know this isn't down to the 2/32 yet, however they should have 26,000 more miles and they are no where close to that. They also seem to come out of balance quickly. Lots of vibration at highway speeds. I should have bought the BFG's that came with the vehicle, however sales rep said these were a good tire. I've read that alot here and wondering if Falken gives kickbacks to sell their tire because I think you get what you pay price, cheap tire.

By JWD2009 - Dec 22, 2009


Strengths: cheap

Weakness: tire failure

Bought a set of these only to have two of the tire's radial belts slip at 38,000 miles. Since they were getting toward the end of their tread life, I bought 4 new ones at Discount tire. After 21,000 miles three of the four have had their steel radials slip (again) and deemed unsafe by discount tire. What a coincidence?? While in discussion with the sales person at Discount tire, he said that this brand 'doesn't last in the heat (Arizona). Good to know. The kicker is that neither Discount tire nor Falken will do anything other than the prorated value of the bad tires. BUYER BEWARE!!

By lars2009 - Sep 23, 2009

Falken Ziex ZE-912 replaces ZE-512

Strengths: Comfort, nice handling

Weakness: Tread wear mileage

I read the review from Impala96 just before going down to have a set of Falken ZE-912's put on to replace a set of ZE-512's as he did. And for the same reason - I thought they were the as-good-as-or-better-than replacements for the 512 which I can no longer get here locally.

The ZE-512's were indeed, a great handling tire but I had bought them off the internet and could not easily collect on the tire warranty when they wore bald at 30,000 vs their promised 60,000 miles.

The problem I have with his review is his use of the word 'drastically' and 'much less precise handling'. One would guess he's driving an Impala and while it may be true that ride in his Impala is drastically changed, it's not true for my Camry XLE V-6 with its' Lexus suspension. The tire is probably more comfortable and less noisy like he says, but I was very happy with noise, handling and ride in the 512's and don't think by any stretch the ZE912 to be a 'completely different animal.' It's just not.

Buy the 512's if you can find 'em and don't mind a low mileage tire, but you'll like the 912's too. They're rated a slightly higher mileage tire. (UTQG 480, 65,000mi for series 60 and 65 vs UTQG 420 and 60,000 for the 512).

I don't really trust Falken for those numbers and will have to report back in a couple years about that.

And just fyi for anyone doing business with Big "O", I just replaced, after only 20 miles, their 'recommended' Sumitomo Touring LS-H/V tires that made my car handle like a heavier one with a slightly delayed steering response and a little body roll like the struts were bad. The rolling is gone now that I replaced the Sumitomos with the Falkens.

By jmk100 - Sep 22, 2008

Great tire for the price

Strengths: Excellent wet traction, quiet ride, good all around tire

Weakness: None discovered yet

These tires are a huge improvement over the stock tires on a 2005 Accord. They are quiet on the road, hold the road well when cornering, have a good ride quality, and excellent traction wet or dry. I was a little hesitant to buy them based on reviews of the previous model, but am glad I got these instead of other tires costing far more.

By JDMnAR - Dec 28, 2007

Not a year around tire

Strengths: Quite ride and good handling

Weakness: Bad traction on snow and ice

Put them on my Honda Civic SI and have been mostly pleased. I will say that I’m what you would call an aggressive driver with a heavy left foot. The tires have proven to have a quiet ride and with good handling but I did have to increase the tire pressure to 40 psi anything less and they felt squirelly. After two years and approximately 30k miles wear has been better than expected. The only detraction is their poor performance on ice and snow. I would only recommend them as a summer tire.

By mtamburn - Mar 22, 2010


Strengths: Haven't used theme enough to know strengths


I just replaced bald tires with these. I wanted an all-season tire - something that was acceptable in the snow (it doesn't snow too much where I live) but also worked well for the other three seasons. I have driven < 30 miles on the tires almost all of it in snow. I slid down the first hill in the same fashion I did with my bald tires. On the highway, my car was slipping all over the place while other cars seemed just fine, despite my brand new tires.I can't comment on noise, performance, handling, etc. but I can say these are terrible in snow - I feel ripped off - and if you want a tire that is decent in the snow do not get these.

By tirecomment - Jan 21, 2012

Falken Ziex ZE-912 Tires

Strengths: Price, feel ok, good gripping

Weakness: none yet

I would buy these tires again if they were on sale. I dont do alot of highway driving so these tires are perfect for just cruising around the city. I prob wouldnt have tried these if DT didnt offer the 100.00 discount. I am glad I did.

By slamminmofo - Nov 16, 2007

Falken Ziex ZE-912 Tire

Strengths: none

Weakness: Defective tire

The first time I drove my car after buying 2 tires (rear), someone noticed and told me about a bulge in the tire at the rim (about 4 inches x 2 inches). Fortunately, I had only driven on city streets and not on the freeway. I took them back to the store and the guy said that the tire is defective. The rubber at the rim had separated from the tire! I am getting replacement of another brand.

By LiliSasa - Apr 28, 2011

Falken Ze-912 Tires

Strengths: Quiet, good handling and smooth ride

Weakness: None

Falken ze-912 tires are great. The 912 series give a very comfortable ride. These tires are quiet and give your car a very good handling. These Falkens can go neck and neck with brands such as Michelin and BFgoodrich. I have these in my 1995 Maxima and they look great and they are affordable too!

By htny01k - Feb 7, 2008

Falken Ziex ZE-912 Tires

Strengths: Solid build. Price as advertised and very competitive compared to strong brands.

Weakness: Nothing yet.

I had replaced my old tires with four of these. I have been using this tires for the last two weeks in lot of rain. The road grip has been outstanding in slippery conditions and yes, no more hydro-planing.

By shakkash - Oct 29, 2007

Nice tire, great price

Strengths: Sticky tire composition, extremely good handling on curvy mountain roads, quiet, great for midsized car or wagon, long warranty

Weakness: Sidewalls could stand to be a little firmer but that would probably take away from comfort. Doesn't seem to affect handling hardly at all.

I have these tires on a 2000 Volvo V70 wagon. They replaced a set of Toyo Proxes H-rated tires. Being also H-rated, these tires are good at just about any speed including freeway speeds, IMO. These tires are actually stickier than the Proxes and the car seems to lean less around curves with these tires despite the softer sidewalls. Pushing them can make noise, but they will still grip well past the squeal point. Solid-feeling in normal as well as near-limit conditions. For the price, you really can't beat them. I do prefer these to the Fuzion tires (Firestone), Kumho Ecsta ASX, and other similarly-priced tires. Have owned all of the above for entire service lives. If anything, they are an equal or slightly better than the Ecsta ASX's.

By drewsk404 - Sep 4, 2008

Falken Ziex ZE-912 Tire

Strengths: Quiet and handle great

Weakness: none so far

For the money these tires are your best bet. The ride quality is great and very very quiet. These where my first set of directional tires so FYI make sure they are mounted with the correct "outside" and "inside" orientation.

By honks69 - Oct 29, 2007

Decent Budget Tire

Strengths: - Quiet - Wear well

Weakness: - Snow/sluch/ice/cold temperature traction - Soft sidewalls

Car: Honda S2000
Location: New Hampshire
Mileage: ~10,000 miles

If it can be classified as an all season tire, it must be on an AWD vehicle OR somewhere that never receives snow. 1/8" on the ground and these spin up. Likewise if the temps drop below 40 degrees. Wet weather grip is decent however in the dry the tires squirm under hard load; even with a very lightweight car. I can't imagine what these would be like under a vehicle with another 1k pounds on it.

That being said, they're cheap. As an all season, their job is to do nothing well but simply do everything at a mediocre level. They do well if you keep this in mind.

By anonymous; - Jan 31, 2011

If it snows or rains in your area don't buy these

Strengths: Roll

Weakness: Everything else not good in any type of weather

first snow since I put these tire on if you like to do 180's and 360's when you least expect it then these are for you!!!! I've spun out 3 times and ended up in a ditch once.... changing these tires as soon as the snow melts to affraid to drive on them again.... maybe there made out of plastic????

By anonymous; - Jan 4, 2011


Strengths: Nice looks, quiet ride.

Weakness: Suck in the snow. Horrible!

Bought these as a replacement for my Bridgestone stock tires (2008 Subaru Outback). Tire store told me they were great. Recently had 1 inch of snow fall and I slid out of my driveway, I might as well have put on ice skates. They are outta here!!!!

By SHEMT - Mar 6, 2009

ZE-912B Wore down too fast

Strengths: None

Weakness: Thread down to 2/32 in 8 month

Did alignment - 2 month later, balance and rotation twice on time, but tires are worn out after less than 18000 Miles, thread down to 2/32 avg.
Watch out. (19560H15)

By no_amps - Mar 10, 2009

Not Impressed Overall

Strengths: Great fuel Mileage, Quiet Ride

Weakness: Bad tread life at less than 25K and were bald.

Put these on a 06 Dodge Charger SE in 215/65-17s. They were a improvement over the OEM Goodyear Integrity's in Handling & Snow/Ice, but not by much. Seem to get really good MPG after installing them.
After first snow season they really questionable on Ice/snow and towards end of life they made the car squirrely on the highway. As a somewhat big RWD car, not sure if is the tires or car that sucks on winter roads. The OEM tires preformed worse, but I have always drove large RWD vehicles and can say these are not the greatest. Treadlife was disappointing as they were bald at 25,000 miles, the OEM tires only lasted 35,000 miles.
I wouldn't recommend them because of short life and limited winter traction.

By KevinCowling399 - Nov 26, 2010

Falken Sub-Standard Tires

Strengths: None

Weakness: Unreliable - may crack any time from inside.

My Falken ZIEX 912 tires that were warranteed by Firestone to run for 40000 miles, cracked in less than 200000 miles - not even the half of the warranteed mileage. Definitely these are SUB-STANDARD tires.

By anonymous; - Oct 10, 2010

Falken NOGO

Strengths: None

Weakness: No traction in bad weather

Bought these tires three days ago for my Subaru WRX. less than 1" of snow and no traction whatsoever! They may look pretty, they may be cheap, they may be H rated, but they are not a all season tire at all. Better off with the Potenza than these and the Potenza where by no means a great tire.

By Falkensux - Dec 31, 2009

Falken ZIEX 512

Strengths: A very good All Season Performance Tire, for a very good price.

Weakness: Not good in snow.

I used a set of 4Falken ZIEX ZE512, All Season Performance Tire in my Toyota Corolla. I inflated 35PSI front and 33PSI rear, based on the load, only one occupant (myself). The tires are very good in DRY, WET and RAIN, but HORIBLE IN THE SNOW. I had another set of snow tires which used 15 November to 15 April or when temperature SETS above 45F degree. Whichever comes first. I used those tires for more than 25000 miles and there was left enough tread for at least 25000 more miles. I lost my car on 22 December in Highway, while another car lost control and hit my car. The snow tires saved my life. I got a brand new Ford Focus and at 25000 miles will get rid of HANKOOK OPTIMO H725 and replace them, with a set of 4Falken ZIEX ZE912 tires. Of course I’m ordering at Tire Rack a set of 4 snow tires mounted and balanced on steel rims. Keep in mind. There is no universal tire, or there will be only a Type of Tire. Choosing a tire means a COMPROMISE between Safety, Cost and the Performance.

By bluerose9 - May 23, 2010

Great Affordable Tire

Strengths: Smooth ride, nice grip good tread

Weakness: Not sure how they perform in the snow because it is too new

I snagged these tires from for $140 and I am more than satified with my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well these tires performed. They take corners well, highway perform was very quiet and smooth. I had Yokohamas H4 on before I see no difference and saved myself $$$.

By comsense2035 - Nov 18, 2007

Great Price/Benefit Tires

Strengths: Cost (got them for

Weakness: none so far

I've had these tires for about 2 weeks now so can't comment on thread life, but I'm very impressed with reduction in noise since putting them on. Another thing I've noticed is how soft they're compare to the tires I've had before. The manufacturer provides a 60K miles warranty, so I'm hoping these tires will last long - even if not, at the price they're sold I'd probably buy another set of these even if they wear out quicker than manufacturer expects.

By DynamitMsk - Nov 8, 2007


Strengths: Treads are NICE, Smooth & Quiet

Weakness: Sidewalls a bit softer

I replace my OEM Michelin MXV4 tires 225/50/17 with the Falken 912 on my 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX V6. Number one reason was the price. The OEMs are way too expensive and had to replace one tire twice. I bought the new Falks yesterday and drove 250 miles. Very Smooth and Very attractive. For those of you that are disheartned by the price to replaced some OEM tires, GO FOR THE 912. SO FAR SO GOOD.

By S1amese - Jul 4, 2009

Falken ze 912 65k tires

Purchased a set of 4-215/60hr16 falken ze 912 65k tires on 5/31/2010,as of 8/15/2011 tires are all worn down to the wear bars on all 4 tires at 27,000 miles,tires have been rebalanced & rotated every 5000 miles.Now the merchant wants another $300.00 to put a set of falken 80k tires on-why so im back in 24 months with the same problem--not me.

By anonymous; - Aug 15, 2011

Falken Ziex ZE-912 replaces ZE-512..NOT!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Tread Life, Wet/Snow traction

Bought these after had a set of 512s on my Lexus GS 400. The 512s were a super tire @ a great price. The 912s were "supposed" to replace the 512, so put on my GS430.(replaced GS400) Not even close! Tread has worn out after 25k and very unsafe in even the lightest snow dusting. I have never been more disappointed. Would highly recommend shopping for other tire. I wish I had.

By anonymous; - Dec 1, 2010

Good all-season performance tires

Strengths: all-season performance, performs well in rain, light snow, improves braking, price

Weakness: haven't discovered any yet

I got these tires for my 2002 Accord from Discount Tire Direct at a good price. They installed them for an additional $53. So I paid less than $200 for a brand new set of tires. I immediately noticed improvement in braking. Since it hasn't snowed too much since I put these tires on, I don't have much to say about their performance in deep snow. But in rain and light snow, they have performed well. They are better and cheaper than the OEM Michelin tires that Honda chose. They are rated as all-season performance so they should perform well all year around. I would highly recommend getting these instead of getting ripped off by your dealer again.

By umichkid - Dec 28, 2007

Falken Ziex ZE-912 Tire

Strengths: Great handling, quiet ride, and a great bargain for the performance.

Weakness: None so far.

With my experience so far, I have found these tires to be great. I've always heard good things about Falken so I decide to replace my Nitto NeoGens with the new 912s. I don't regret my choice at all. I've only driven with these in dry conditions but so far the traction is great. Can't wait to see how these perform in the rain and snow.

By anonymous; - Nov 1, 2007


Strengths: Tires seem to be Ok. Good in rain.

Weakness: I bought 4 new tires and they SUCK!!!! Just had 12 inches of snow and almost impossible to get my car out of parking spot. Tires just keep spinning...NO TRACTION OR GRIP!

I bought 4 new tires and they SUCK!!!! Just had 12 inches of snow and almost impossible to get my car out of parking spot. Tires just keep spinning...NO TRACTION OR GRIP! They are worse in ice.

By gr8mp11 - Dec 20, 2009

Completely worn at 6,000 miles !

Strengths: Did not have time to find any !

Weakness: Gone in 4 months !

I purchased a set of rear 912's for my wife's E Class W211 to match the front bought in Oct. 09 on April 24th 2010 and had a professional alignment done 3 days later. Less than 6K miles later and they are completely worn (evenly). I had the shop check the alignment and all was fine. This is very strange since the front are holding up very well !

By CEC79000 - Aug 26, 2010

Falken ze-912

Strengths: good handling great traction smooth ride

Weakness: none

from everything ive read about these tires everyone complains about their incapability in the snow. THEY ARE NOT ALL SEASON TIRES. They are classified as performance summer tires and they work well as that.from a stock or all season tire these are a huge upgrade in both ride and handling. i have had them for 4-5 months now and am very pleased with them. Can't beat them for the price i payed 99 a tire

By hockeysloth93 - Nov 6, 2010

Ziex ZE-912 Tire.

Strengths: Cheap Price Good Warranty

Weakness: Didn't Last.

Purchased for 2003 Lexus ES 300. Tires only lasted 16,000 miles. They carry a 65,000 mile prorated warranty so I was able to get almost my entire purchase price back but I had to pay for all of the labor costs on the new tires. (i.e. valve stems, balancing and waste disposal) The new tires cost me an additional $250. The tire guy said the original store should not have sold me the tires because my car is to heavy. Should of went with original tire or a bigger brand. Went with pirelli P4s and they seem pretty good so far.

By Surfcat2 - Apr 5, 2010

Great Affordable Tires!

Strengths: 1. Great user feedback 2. Affordable

Weakness: A little road noisy

I installed these on a Toyota Camry and it's performance is great. A little bit on the road-noisy side, but I bought it for $40 per tire after tax! Great price!

By aedemo - Nov 2, 2007

Not so good, if you value your life

Strengths: Price.

Weakness: You don't have control at freeway speeds.

I know that everybody says that it was a great deal for its price, but I feel that my life is worth the extra money to get better tires. I was able to get a $100 discount on 4 tires, so I only had to pay a bit over $100 for 4. However at freeway speeds, you feel like you have no control. Every time you go over a bump, it would swerve. I even had my car aligned twice with no improvement. Did some research on the internet and had people say that the sides are very soft, so you have to put in an extra 5 - 10 pounds to compensate -- it didn't help. Replacing these tires with Michelins immediately solved the problem.

By hsnow73 - Jan 31, 2008

BAD Handling

Strengths: Good comfort, good in rain

Weakness: Horrible for sport performance

Bought my Audi TT Quattro and this is what the previous owner had used on the car. I am apparently a more intense driver than he was because this tire is beyond bad for a performance vehicle. Power on in the corners and I get an all wheel drive power-slide. Controllable because it's neutral, but unacceptable for me. In it's price range and for everyday use for the average driver it may be fine, but if you are driving a sports car and want any kind of handling, opt out of this tire. My Autocross times were seriously diminished by the tire (4 seconds difference on a 40 second track) compared to the R32 running Dunlop's.

By AudiTTQ08 - Oct 28, 2010

Falcon Ziex ZE-912 Review

Strengths: Smooth Ride, Good warranty

Weakness: Delivered to me Defective!!!

I bought 4 of these tires for my car a few weeks back when an online retailer had them for $100 off. I had them put on my car, to only find out the very next day that they shipped out a defective tire! It came w/ a hole in the sidewall and needed replacing. It took almost a week for my replacement to come in - which was extremely annoying and disappointing. After finally getting my replacement tire, so far, after driving them around for a few weeks, the handling is pretty good, and the tires are pretty quite. The nice thing is that they come with a 65k warranty, so I hope they last long! Because of one of the tires being shipped defective, however, I can't recommend these tires.

By darkrot5 - Nov 6, 2007

Falken ZE 912

Strengths: None...only had them for 2 weeks.

Weakness: Inappropriate for a minivan

I took my 05 Honda Odyssey to a Big-O to get a tire patched. Salesman told me the hole was on the sidewall and not repairable. i knew i needed new tires soon and let him talk me into a new set of this performance tire. i looked at him funny since i drive a minivan, but it was the tire he recommended so i reluctantly trusted him and bought a set of 4. i only live blocks from the store, so i drove straight home and didn't drive the van again til the next morning. While on the freeway my van was drastically pulling to the right. I dealt with this for two weeks until i had time to go back to the store. i s/w the same sales guy and after a little haggling he was good on his word and replaced the set for no charge (new tires were more expensive too). i immediately drove the van on the freeway and the pulling to the right was gone! i honestly don't know why the sales person would try to sell performance tires for a minivan, but he told me he would likely not put that tire on any minivans in the future. according to all the research i did the tire appears to be good, and rated well by consumer reports, but not fit for a minivan.

By djromer - Mar 31, 2008

great dry or wet tire ,,,,, make sure you have winter tires

Strengths: WET and DRY cornering

Weakness: Snow (even superman had kryptonite)

Equipped on 2011 Mitsubishi LancerCheep, great handling compared to my Yokohama avid, kinda noisy on most (not all) asphalt.I own winter tires so the complete failure in snow is not an issue for me (live in Canada).High Max air pressure 51psi.Chirp a bit too easy if I'm aggressive on clutch. Prefer Firestone Firehawk ss or Firehawk Wide Oval

By anonymous; - Aug 30, 2012

Excellent Tires for the Price

Strengths: They were very affordable and they seem to be handling very good.

Weakness: The tires seem to be heavier than my stock Continental CH95s stock tires.

These tires have perfomed very well in the dry. They offer a decent ride and for the price, I don't think you can beat the performance. I like that it seems to have very heavy and deep treads.

By bobnfloyd - Dec 1, 2007

Would not buy again.

Strengths: Cheap

Weakness: Terrible traction in rain and snow, noisy

I have had these tires for 10 months now. I purchased them after seeing many positive reviews. I live in Michigan so I needed a good traction tire for both rain and snow. These have highly disappointed me. Traction is terrible in rain and snow and probably the worst tire I have owned as far as traction. Everything else about the tire is average but not exceptional. Also the tire store told me these were made is the USA but one day I was cleaning the wheels/tires and noticed the Made in Thailand stamp on the tires. Overall if you live in the south you may like these tires but if wet traction is a concern I would not buy these tires.

By SumusDelta906 - Dec 27, 2012

Surprisingly pleased!

Strengths: Handling

Weakness: None so far

I bought these tires because they were inexpensive and I got a B3G1 free deal. I am planning on selling my car later this year so I was not too concerned with getting expensive high end tires. I first noticed the improvement in handling over the touring tires I had previously. They are also relatively quiet. The first time I drove it in the snow I was waiting for a problem considering some of the reviews I have read. They handled great! The snow was about 1-2 inches and there was minor slipping as I started up, but then I had no problems. Rain has not been a problem, either. Obviously, since I have had them less than 2 months, I cannot speak to long term wear, but so far I am very glad I did not buy the more expensive brand!

By smiley101 - Feb 13, 2012

not that great

Strengths: low price

Weakness: soft sidewall, lower performance.

i bought this tire hopeing to save a little money and not have to spend 280 a tire. now that i have purchesed them i wish i would have spent the extra money. the sidewall is pathetic for a performance tire it was like driving a old person car with these tires.

By anonymous; - Oct 31, 2010

Okay tire for the Price

Strengths: Handles very well in somewhat aggressive driving on my part.

Weakness: Road noise and tires only lasted me for 35k

You get what you pay for, I can't really complain. Just the road noise is the only REALLY negative comment I have about it. Handles well when going through my paces through turns and curves.

By anonymous; - Oct 7, 2010

Great tire, great price, Consumer Reports top rated

Strengths: great handling, good wear, QUIET in the corners, bested only by Michelin's in Consumer Reports testing - of course, the Michelin's cost three times more.

Weakness: none that I have found so far

Car: 97 Miata, Size: 195/60R14, Driving habit: carving corners of course - it's a Miata.
I do not know what the other reviewers are talking about - I have a Miata and can throw it into turns and this tire just grips and grips. It also does not SQUEAL at all. If you have ever had a Goodyear tire, you know what I mean about squealing tires even at 5/10 of what the car is capable of.

MUCH, MUCH better tire that Yokohama's - I've had THREE different sets of Yokohama's break belts prematurely and they wanted me to prove I did NOT cause them to go bad. YOKOHAMA: Crappy tires and crappy customer service.

FALKEN: great tires, great price

By anonymous; - Oct 6, 2010

this is my 3rd set of falkens

Strengths: great handling, looks great, never had problems with the traction of them, great price formgreat tire

Weakness: none yet and i just bought my 3rd set today

this is my 3rd set. today i put 215 60 16 0n my 2004 honda accord ex coupe and i couldnt be happier. first off all Free stone did a match for the price. they ride like a dream. i live in tennessee so i probably won't have them in the snow much. i'm very happy with the price,courteous staff, and quality of tire. I was going to buy yokohoma because the tire store near my house kept telling me they couldnt get falken. in reality, they were trying to sale me a discontinued yokohama h series tire. anyhow i'm a huge falken fan

By anonymous; - Aug 23, 2010

Worst tire/ short life span

Strengths: inexpensive

Weakness: does not wear well on 4 wheel drive

I made the mistake of thinking that this tire would last at the least for 40,000 miles. It only last 24,000 miles. I do not do long distant driving, mainly in the city. I was told by the dealership that it is normal wear and not covered by the warranty. What a rip off.

By anonymous; - Aug 13, 2010

Good Tires when Replacing Expensive OE's

Strengths: Traction wet & dry, cornering, ride quality, price

Weakness: Sidewall stiffness

Replaced OE Michelins at less than half the price. Better ride and stickier compound that makes driving fun. Even if I don't get great tire mileage, I don't care as long as they perform, which they do. The OE Michelins were over $300 per tire, which is overpriced for the way they perform. These Falkens seem to be great tires except in snow, but if you drive a performance car in snow you deserve to bend some sheetmetal.

By alcoauto - Aug 3, 2010

deceitfull tire

Strengths: Good tire for 1 year but that's it...

Weakness: Wear too quickly... Warranty is a scam

I have those tires for 2 summers and I have to replace them with less than 20 000km on it... It is not acceptable.. The company does not want to talk about the warranty until the tire are completely worn out... I have no more traction on wet pavement and I find it dangerous... My dealership told me to change them for safety... I thought I did a good bargain on that product but in the end... It does not worth the money I paid for... I will never buy that again..

By anonymous; - Jul 9, 2010


Strengths: Best in wet and dry braking/handling. Big on confidance!

Weakness: Can't have everything; average tread wear. average snow and ice handling. Just take it slow with every tire.

Like these tires for years. Mileage for me is @ 55,000 miles. Can't it all. So for me it's the CONFIDANCE over all. This means if your car starts to miss handle the tires slowly tell you. Verses a skid/brake a way.

By anonymous; - Mar 11, 2010

Would not recommend if you have to drive in snow even 1 week out of the year.

Strengths: decent traction inthe rain, no road noice

Weakness: No traction in the snow period!!

I have had these tires on for one month and everything was good till we got 1 inch of snow absolutely no snow traction at any speed they are useless in snow/ice.

By anonymous; - Jan 9, 2010

Poor performer

Strengths: None

Weakness: Poor snow performance

Performs worse than the worn out stock tire on my 2008 Passat in the snow. A light dusting keeps me from going to the local store.

Should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

By anonymous; - Jan 4, 2010


Strengths: Tires seem to be Ok. Good in rain.

Weakness: I bought 4 new tires and they SUCK!!!! Just had 12 inches of snow and almost impossible to get my car out of parking spot. Tires just keep spinning...NO TRACTION OR GRIP!

I bought 4 new tires and they SUCK!!!! Just had 12 inches of snow and almost impossible to get my car out of parking spot. Tires just keep spinning...NO TRACTION OR GRIP! They are worse in ice.

By anonymous; - Dec 20, 2009

Buying them again

Strengths: I put a set of the 912's on my 93 Miata. 16 months and 43000 miles later I have nothing but praise. I'm buying another set.

Weakness: I haven't found any. I practically live in my car and have been very impressed. They won't see the advertized 60,000 miles but 54 or 55 is very likely.

For the price, I have not found a better tire. Living in Delaware I don't see huge amounts of snow but I do see a lot of rain and cold wet roads. These tires did everything I have asked of them. Including a bit of cornering fun. I see no reason to try another tire.

By anonymous; - Nov 7, 2009

very bad handling in the snow

Strengths: Nice ride

Weakness: Poor snow handling Tire cracked after about 10 months

I will not recomend this tire as it has very bad snow handling comapired to other tires and also by hiting a small pot hole tire cracked opened from the side.

By anonymous; - Feb 27, 2009

good tire

Strengths: good in rain

Weakness: none so far

good price, I bought 4 of these for a 95 Integra and I am happy with them. Before these I was using Goodyear Eagle, these Falken tires are a bit softer but still good at high way.

By anonymous; - Jun 4, 2008

Excellent tire for the money

Strengths: Excellent grip (especially in the wet), Excellent handling, Quiet ride, Low cost, Good treadwear warranty

Weakness: Tread is a bit plain-looking (my opinion)

I've had the ZE-912s (size 225/45R17) on my car for the past 3 months and I am very pleased so far. I replaced a set of worn ZE-512s and the first thing I noticed was how much quieter the ZE-912s are. The next thing that I noticed was how much better they react under cornering load. Maybe it's just my perception, but it seems like the ZE-912 has a stiffer sidewall. Also, I always thought that the ZE-512s were great in the rain, but the ZE-912s are definitely a cut above. The only thing that I wasn't crazy about was the tread pattern. I liked the ZE-512's directional style better, but I'm happy that I gave the ZE-912s a chance. I definitely like driving on them better than I did on the ZE-512s (nothing against them). I can't imagine anything being better for the price. I bought mine at and received them in 2 days for about $360 shipped. This is about than half the cost of replacing the lousy Bridgestone RE92s that the car came with.

By anonymous; - Dec 2, 2007