Cooper Response Touring - 225/60R16 98H BW - All Season Tire 225-60-16

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Optimal Performance at an Affordable Price with the Cooper 225/60R16 98H TireThe Cooper Response Touring 225/60R16 98H tire is durable, strong, lightweight and ideal for various types travel. It's one of the most reliable tires in the country, especially for long-distance travel. If you are looking for long tread wear, comfort and year-round traction, this is the tire for you. This tire digs into the road and efficiently sheds snow and mud. Regardless of the car that you drive, this is the ideal replacement tire.The Cooper 225/60R16 98H tire doesn't compromise quality, even though it's extremely affordable. The superior quality and outstanding warranty have kept Cooper around as a popular brand of tires for many, many years. This tire is perfect for a variety of automobiles, including foreign as well as domestic models. You can expect to get about 50,000 miles of tread life out of this tire. If you want better performance and increased safety, this is the perfect replacement tire for you.

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tire size width: 225 width

tire size aspect ratio: 60 aspect ratio

tire size wheel diameter: 16"


Product Title: Cooper Response Touring - 225/60R16 98H BW - All Season Tire 225-60-16

Manufacturer: Cooper

Power Score: 5 | 0 Reviews

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