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Not for Highway Use

Strengths: Quiet, fairly good traction

Weakness: Soft sidewalls, very poor responsiveness

I was beyond the point of when I should have purchased new tires and chose Firestone because they got got me in on a walk-in and could do the alignment (which I badly needed). I first tried a set of Firestones.During the next several days I thought the tires handled kind of sloppily and I had to put in greater effort than usual to follow my usual lines on the highway but, we had high winds for those several days. Then, I had a family emergency 250 miles away and took the interstate to get there. I had such a horrible time controlling my car and keeping it in the lines, let alone driving a straight line, that it was incredible. The final straw was when I passed a semi-truck and the turbulence almost threw me completely off the highway; I've put 75k miles on that vehicle and never had a similar issue. At the next rest-stop I pulled over and called the franchise to let them know. A week later after I'd returned, they got me in to recheck the alignment. Following that the car was still having trouble tracking straight so then they charged me the difference to upgrade to the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422s.After installing the EP422s I was still having trouble controlling the car and called again. This time the manager was less helpful and said he'd done all he could do and told me to take it to the dealership.A week later I had the car aligned at a facility that had a brand new $80k alignment system put in only a few months earlier. Now, the car tracks real well, but I discovered that these tires have such soft sidewalls that the wind still blows me all over the road and they are so slow and sluggish to respond that it's easy to over-correct or make the car sway from re-correcting. I discovered that one can push the back end of the car from the side, let it go and watch the rims oscillate over the tires as the sidewalls sway back and forth over the tread.Wonderful touring tire, as long as you don't travel at high speeds in a windy or blizzard type environment.

By WayneO79 - Jan 8, 2012

Best tire I've ever driven on

Strengths: extremely quiet, improved mpg, great handling, excellent wet and dry traction.

Weakness: none

This tire is on a Nissan Maxima and made a new car out of it. This tire is so quiet on the interstate and actually improved my gas mileage 2.5 mpg. Tires are great on highways, walks right through water. Best tire I've ever purchased in 30 years.

By anonymous; - Aug 10, 2012

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

The Ecopia EP422 is an environmentally-conscious all-season tire from Bridgestone that offers an alternative to the other models in the Ecopia series, including the EP100 summer tire. Implementing a number of eco-friendly technologies developed to help reduce environmental emissions, this model aims to attract small car drivers that want to reduce their ecological footprint. Comprised largely of...
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By - Dec 21, 2010